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funny story

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so im smoking 5 pork butts for a party on sat. and a golf tourney on sunday(2 for sat. 3 for sun.) so a friend of mine works for a local resturant and he can get meat real cheap, so i tell him i would like 4-5 pork butts, he gets me 4-5 pork butts!!! that means in resturant terms 2 per package at 12-16# each!!!know i have 12 pork butts at 12-16# each. thanks 1894 for letting store a few in your freezer, never thought id say i had to much meat but man this is alot of meat!!! but for 12 pork butts at 12-16# cost us only $225. cant complain about extra meat can you!!thank god for friends!
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Good deal. You can always use one for pork green chilePDT_Armataz_01_28.gif .
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Yep had the same thing happen to me... only "2" tho. Packer packages are TWO butts, folks..LOL!
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