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Butt question

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I was in a hurry this morning when I went to pick up some pork butts for tomorrow. I didnt notice untill I opened them up to rub them down that they are a little on the small side, about 5lbs each and have almsot no fat cap. I wanted to know if there was anything more I needed to do so they dont dry out. I normaly spray them about every hour after they first 2-3. I also inject about 4oz of my spray into each.
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dont woory, small aint a bad thing, you can also put butter on it between spay'n, maybe add a little butter after you pull it.
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uhh, buzz......she was just being nice when she told you that.......eek.gifPDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Buzz is right tho.....not to worry....there should be enough fat inside the butt to keep it moist along with your injection and mops.

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Dude, it will work out, but ya gotta at least look at the meat when ya buy it!eek.gif Maybe send the wife next time!icon_smile.gif
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I'm still working on the wife part dan
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No problem. Check this out.


You don't need all that fat anyway.
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