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Thanks for the thought on the points!icon_smile.gif The corn was on there for about 45 minutes, turned once, it was very tender, just picked that morning.

The steaks were way big, so each one fed 2-3 people. I wish,I could do these every month. He did mention he had 3 more of them, and was interested in doing the same with them, maybe we'll try the searing thing next time. If I only had that grill on my firebox that I told ya about!icon_wink.gif

I have thought about a cast iron fry pan over the bottom of the warmer with the baffles open there. I might have to give that a try here soon.
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So like, Dan, Who and where is He?? biggrin.gif

this is not time to be keeping
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Capt....that is some of the best looking prime I have seen. I read the link on searing and it sounds interesting, however these looked perfect to me and glad nobody wanted them branded! POINTS!
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I bet you would have plenty of heat there in the bottom:-) I haven't read the link on that searing method yet, but it sounds interesting. Although, it would be pretty hard to improve on those steaks you did, wish I could have one right now!!!
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heheh funny you should mention that steve. I have a small platter of them in a SS sheet pane( actually its like a 10 x 13) and its loaded with leftover PR and 1 burger from yesterday. Its on top of the Weber gasser while the Corn O the Cob is inside getting grilled. This is gonna be the best 15 minute meal I could ever have!

I know what ya are sayin about the carmelization thing. But I may try it and see how it goes, and then slice then down the middle again after that treatment. I really don't want to do anything to that inside part for sure!

And thanks for the points guys.icon_smile.gif
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I sir salute you! Very good and I am very sure tasty. Thanks for the qview.
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Awesome looking steaks, Dan. Gotta love the stuff you come up with!!!
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Maybe you could simply shovel some hot coals on top of the firebox inside your warmer, and just throw a cast iron grill grate in there just below your first warmer shelf? Just an idea, might not be enough clearance with the first shelf? With a hot firebox and hot coals--it would certainly be searing hot!
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