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Another Butt and a fattie with a new rub

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Hey all,

Today is a beautiful day in Northern Virginia, how about a barbeque?

I have a little 3.5 lb shoulder roast going on for about 2 hours now, and I also have a ABT Fattie (second attempt) going too. I am taking plenty of q-view photos. The dog ate the camera cord so the wifey is being sweet and getting a new cord as we smoke. I should have a nice show up in a little while.

I am doing a total SMF styled que. Thanks everyone for the shared knowledge!!!

Yellow kid mustard is holding my rub on. I am using a new rub That was given to me as a Vender Sample.These nice Gentlemen from Fairfax, VA call there rub company The Dizzy Pig. they did a great Que demo at our store. they had a flock?, Herd?, a Gaggle of big green eggs that turned out some nice meaty goodness.

They have quite a few flavors, They say they grind whole spices in small batches, all corse tubnato sugar, and no preservatives or anti caking agents.I am using their Raging River Rub on the shoulder. it is a salt free rub, so I added a sprinkle of kosher salt.

The ABT Fattie is fresh ground Neman Ranch pork, with a couple spicey ancho fresh sausages added for flair. plenty of Cheddar, and cream cheese in the middle. I added 3 nice fresh jalepenos from the garden too. wrapped the beasty in bacon then gave it a good shake of The Dizzy Pig, Dizzy Dust, another of ther many flavors.

we smoking on lump charcoal and mesquite today.

see you all in a little bit with pictures and an update.
smoke on!
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Can't wait for the pics man....good luck!
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Looking forward to this q-view.
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sounds great, can't wait for the vue.....
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5 hrs.......

By imn88fan
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It was harder to find the wire than we thought, weird size I guess.

So here is my first official q-view, Lookie BBQ bubba it really happened!
ABT Fattie: Fresh ground pork, 2 ancho sausages, bacon, japs, and cheeses.

little shoulder getting ready

the flat fattie, cheddar, creamcheese, fresh lightly seeded japs.

I like rubbing my butt, it was a salt free rub so I added some kosher salt on top

Oh little fattie, you have so much potential

2hr for the pork 1 hr for mr fattie

just like on the magazine covers

Get into my belly!!!!

almost there, 10 hrs. It was a crazy long plateau for such a small piece of meat, 156 for 3 hours staight.

Here it is finished, I finished it with SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce with 1 minor adjustment; I didn't have Tony' cajun, so I used Slap yo mamma spice.

This was the best que I have ever made, and 1 of the best ques I have erver eaten. Thanks be to SMF!!!
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good job chef boy!!! did you foil that butt? you've made a grand entrance with your q-view... time... bigger pics! :) PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I didn't want to, but I got tired before it was done, sO I foiled it in the oven at 200, for the final 4 hours.
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nice looking Q good job
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was that your first foil?
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Looks great man. You're making me want to try a fattie!
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No it wasn't, but I try not foil if I don't have to. I am a bark-aholic. I also like it better when the bark is crisp, you loose that with the foil, IMO.
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if i decide not to foil, won't i end up with a dry butt?
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that's why i run propane brother! PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif
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It's all philosophy man. no one is wrong, If you like the pane, that's cool.
I like being one with my wood, sorry that sounded dirty. but I do, it comes from my years on a woodfire grill in the restuarants. You have to look at the woodpile, ponder their shapes and sizes, species. I ask myself do I want to set coals?, Do I want to heat things up?, do I need oak for a slow burn, or maple that goes hot and fast? It just seems primal.
I also want to honor my granfather who kept a family smoke house fed with only wood.

so keep on with the propane, It has many pros, but it also has cons, but that is true with everything.

keep on smoking!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Great lookin spread chef!
At least somebody remembers their pics!! cool.gif
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Nice job on your first Q-vue, and yes, bigger pics for us old farts please!

I love your philosophy on wood fire/burning. You get "combo points" from me, good lookin eats with a great mindset!

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I am still figureing this fun stuff out, They will be bigger next time.

Super thanks for the point.

I do what I love, and I love what I do.

I hope to have some new ones up this weekend.

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