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Breasts for Cali

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For our semi vegan friends we will be serving some chix breasts next weekend....
I used two different brines
one was your brine along with dill and white wine and some ezpote.
these are the chix that are yellow....
the other was again basic brine, with some raspberry chipotle rub and basil...these breasts are the pink ones...

thanks for peeking...more to follow...
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I love Breasts biggrin.gif
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Thanks for the Q-view of your breasts. They look mighty fine. Hope you have a great time at the track and good luck to your driver. BTW I told ya to watch out for Carl. He's on a roll. Classic bump n run on Bush last night. I loved it. BTW 20 is a good number too. ;)
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June bug tradtionally doesn't run good out here ****it! yes 20 is cabana boy's driver...we gotta luv smoke right? I taped the now I can't wait to see it...June bug is saving the big win for dega baby!! I will be sitting in the stands for that one!
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[quote=Smoking gun;248746]Thanks for the Q-view of your breasts. They look mighty fine.quote]

Did I miss something? Oh, I see, those do look good, and I bet they will be very tasty too.
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i second that motion...sweet breasts ;)
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nice lookin breasts!!! say how is one "semi" vegan????? throw a ribeye at em lol
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Nothing beats nice breasts...except matbe a nice butt..Opps..thats for the pork section..right!!!
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Looks great PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

So "Semi- vegetarian " will eat meat that has a green color , but not any red or pink ? biggrin.gif
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where else on the internet but here can conversations like this be had without someone getting insulted!PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Nice looking errr, chicken there.
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Oh yea, lovley set of chicken fronts,,,,,icon_rolleyes.gif I like the Yellow ones.wink.gif
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ya can't go wrong with a nice set of breasts and it looks like you got those under control
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you know it is California...the "semi vegan" really only eats chix because they got really from getting no protien at all....yes out here peeps get a little obsessed about the whole Hollywood diet, weight thing....

anyhow my breasts are YUMMY!! here is a peek...I am glad I increased the salt because it really made the brine work better.....the raspberry chipotle breasts are yummy .....

the dill breasts are just as yummy....

bote were really juicey I don't know if you can tell from the pictures..
Thanks for looking at my breasts!eek.gif
Happy smokes!!
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Looks great Kel ya'll are gonna be too full to even walk to the stands better take a TV and just keep the party going biggrin.gif
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Great lookin' Q, I like folks who expand the envelope with brines, great job! BTW, what kind of wood did you use?
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AHEM...yer breasts are lovely...just did a brine on some beercan chix and WOW! I am a fan of brining.the extra time and effort is worth it.Keep representing us meatlovers on the left coast!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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