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9.5 lb. boston butt, q-view

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I found this baby up at kroger the other day for $9.32. I had to pick it up. got up this a.m. at 2:00 to get everything started, it was on thitry minutes later. It has mustard and 3 coats of jeffs rub on it.

Gonna be using hickory, apple, and some royal oak. The royal oak smells great, I hope we enjoy the flavor.

The kids are goin back to school this morning, so they will get to look forward to dinner,,,, and so will I.

yall have a good day, thanks for checking out
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That was a good deal. Good luck with the smoke and the QVIEWS.
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here it is a few hours later, I am feeling kinda stupid right now, tryin to get younguns ready for school, got some of the sunrise to but imageshack must be down right now.

see yall in a little bit
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That's a nice hunk for under $10! Looks great so far too!
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Looking real good Krusher.
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here is sunrise at the house

here are some pics of the sunset, the one is the old barn, and the other two are shot across the runway.

the butts goin good it's up to 143, would have took a pic, but did'nt want to open the door.



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Sounds like you got a real bargain on that butt. Keep us posted on the progress.
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Looks like a great start and I'll be looking forward to more Qview!!!
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Krusher, you have a barn AND a runway....are we related? cool.gif
Great pictures!

Good looking hunka pork too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That does look good. I was thinking of doing my first butt this weekend, what temps do you smoke it to, and any other proceedures I might need to know?

Thanks, Solar
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180º for a nice sliced and 200 to 205º for pulled.

Big 'ol butt there. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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hard to say cowgirl ! It seems like I'm a related to just about everyone around here.
yeah it's a pretty nice runway, 2000 foot grass strip, has drainage and all that good stuff, only thing about the drainage pipes is the groundhogs get in them, but I guess that is better thatn them digging a hole in the runway, we've been lucky so far.
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Thanks Flash. :)
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coat the butt with mustard and put a coat or two of jeffs rub on it. If your gonna have it for dinner, start early. At least 1.5 hours per pound. Tade it to 165, foil it nice and tight with some apple juice in the foil, and then take to 205. Let rest for an hour at least, and unwrap it and give it a little help falling apart. Also get a spray bottle and spray apple juice on it after 2 hours, and then every hour until you foil.

It'll be great, I gaurantee
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Thank you very much, I'm going to follow your directions to a tee, you saved me a bunch of time not having to search. icon_smile.gif
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Krusher, that sounds nice! cool.gif
Those groundhogs can be a problem. Glad to hear they are leaving your runway alone.
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Lookin good and what a deal Krogers around here charges $2.49 per pound.
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just foiled it and threw it back in the smoker, temp was 167, I just got a maverick et-73 and then went to walmart and they had there wireless on sale so I bought one of those too, so I put a probe in the thicker side and one in the thinner side, just to see the temp. difference. It was almost 20 degrees, through the whole time, I thought that was pretty interesting, just thought I would share.

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here it is all said and done, wife made some potato casserole, and brown sugar wheat bread, had some corn too.

It has fed 9 people and there are still leftovers.

yall have a good night and thanks for lookin at my q-view
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Looks like a fine job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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