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Hello everyone. I've been browsing the forum and reading some great stuff here. I've learned quite a bit, but I'm very new to smoking. I've tried one or two recipes, and enjoyed them a lot. I'm still having problems building a good fire though. I do have a quick question though:

I got a little over ancy after my last pork butt, and cooked two this weekend. Way to much left over, brought some for myslef and a fellow coworker, but I threw some in ziploc bags for freezing. Is this okay? And how should I go about reheating if so?
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i usually freeze in portion size and just throw the ziploc in some boiling water.make sure ya got the heavy duty kind and squeeze all the air out before freezing.Oh , and welcome to smf !!
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Welcome to the forum.

I just microwave on low after defrosting. I haven't tried boiling in zip locks, but I would think if you got some water boiled and turned off the burner, and tossed them in that would work also.
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Greetings Dwyzane,
Freeze in ziplocks with some juice from the butts, then re-heat in boiling water...easy as that! and yummy!
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Welcome to SMF. Like the rest, I try to keep pulled pork on hand at all times. Freezes well and comes in handy for a quick smoked meal.
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Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to SMF...I vac-seal and freeze..then the boiling water...Zip lock will work did that before the I got the vac-seal
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Welcome bud lot's of good info here
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What the Lady said.
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Welcome to the SMF.
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Welcome aboard. In my limited experience (4 butts) I've done the microwave and zip lock bag in hot water. Both have worked for me.
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Welcome to the SMF

Pace yourself, stretch the bowels and eat it all !
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