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Need a little help with my butts

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Hello everyone I got up and put on 2 butts around 7 am. By 9 the digital thermometer was reading 200 f and I know the butts are not ready to take off. I am using a braunfels bandera smoker. The thermometer on the smoker is reading 200 f. Now 10:30 am the two thermometer are way off. What is a good way to keep an eye on the temps. I did try to use the thermometer in a potato to see what the temps are in the smoker and it is reading 350 f. So for right now I will watch the butts.
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Jeez if yer at 350 yer WAAAY hot. Need to dump a 100°. The therm on the smoker is most likely junk. Cool that puppy down or yer gonna get a coupla black rocks!
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Yeah I am trying that now I guess I will just go with the digital thermometer and not worry about the door thermometer. By the time I get the digital thermometer right the one on the door will read under way under 100. Thankd for the reply.
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yeah you are HOTTT HOTTT...I usually do butts around 250-275 some say 225, but I have yet to yield better results at 225 than a slightly higher temp.

And you need to get a better thermo. that's able to be calibrated.
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Definately to hot your target temp should be 250 and internal 195. If you can run out and get one or two thermonitors real quick I'd do it. So your not in the dark with temps gl.
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LOL yeah I do need a better thermo. Will I got the temp down to about 240 or so. That junk in the door is reading about 140.
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No problem. It's what we get paid to do...err..wait..no we don't LOL!

Trust the digi, and perhaps pick up a second one- one for the smoker, one for the meat :{)
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I was going to run out and get another thermo but now it looks like rain. So I am going to stick up out with one.

Thanks again
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Good luck with that. I am fixin to take a butt off of the iron, been on there for 15 hrs. i dont think that i got close to to 200 deg till about hr 14. You can get an oven thermo for about 4 or 5 bucks, and put it right next to/in front of your meat and it will give you a more correct reading.
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Good with yours. I hope mine turns out ok. That sounds like a good idea about getting the oven thermo. Now I am dealing with thunder storms. Just not my day PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Eh...any day smoking is better than any day working, eh? biggrin.gif
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And another amen to that Richtee, as I sit here at work!!
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Amen to that Richtee I got a new position at work now I am training linemen and I DON'T have to worry about the phone ringing. Because I kown I would be out there working in the rain. Well it looks like every thing is ok now internal temps are around 140. In the smoker is about 250
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I have a question for yall. I am getting around 220 to 230 internal I can tell the butts are not done. What would I be looking for to tell when it is ready to pull off the smoker besides temps?
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Chris when they are ready the bone will slip right out just grab it and if it slides out its done if it doesn't its not
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Thanks for the reply my friend.
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Hope it all comes out well grab us some Qview if ya can
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Thanks I sure well
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You need a new thermometer if yer reading those temps internal and the butts arn't falling thru the grill. The bone method is sure fire. When it slips out, they are perfect!
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the only problem with that method is you have to open the smoker to look at the thermometer. I got a digital one on clearance from Lowe's for about 15 bucks. Works great and has helped tremendously.

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