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Just split a huge score---identify wood type?

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Went to my brothers today and he filled my truck with large 16 inch long by 12 to 16" diameter logs from his wood lot. I took these strange hardwood logs home and convinced my lovely wife to split them! Notice the pics!

Anyone identify them? MY Brother says that the clue is that my lovely wife doesn't have "one" and that this hardwood yields a fruit that rhymes with berry????


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LOLOL.........killing me here Steve............need to look at the LEAVES to REALLY be able to tell..............

but i will put out a "GUESS"..........oak?
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btw...........LOVE your license plate on the truck ! ! !
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If anyone says "cherry", she's going to use that splitting mall on youicon_exclaim.gifbiggrin.gif.
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Definition: When two women enter opposite doors of a large shopping establishment. biggrin.gif
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Sure its oak?

Sure its oak? I was never much of a poet, but does it rhyme, I mean well I guess acorns are fruit maybe ahhh i dunno what ya think?
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Steve, all of those splits look WAY too large to fit into Twiggy!! What were you thinking? That red tinged fruit wood of yours would smell really good smoking away inside my modified silver smoker. By the way I love Bing Cherries.
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hmmm i need to adjust my color............i dont really see the red tinge, like the cherry i have in my wood pile
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Boy, its funny, because that wood really does have a real lot of red in it, Maybe its red oak, Huh?
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Without seen some leaves an from the clean splits an reddish color that was red oak. Never argue with a woman who has a splittin mall in her hands!
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Maybe your right there Trav, although them Acorns are pretty yummy, have a taste almost like some sort of berry. My lovely wife has been eating them up.

She suggests that she knows what kind of tree it is, but she won't tell me, She keeps calling my brother George Washington, I don't know why?
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Pineapple steve?!
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Nice pile of uh..........wood! Looks like the wife knows how to handle wood splittin. I gotta think that with your welding skills and mechanical abilty, you have a pnumatic log splitter around that Ranch of yours. How many did she really split with that mall?icon_smile.gif
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Looks like some well seasoned cherry too. I noticed how the bark has fell off most of it. Nice. I got a batch of that around here a few months ago. Nice stuff, burns slower than oak though.cool.gif
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I split it all by hand and she stood em all up for me as they fell over and piled them while I was splitting---it was a real comical scene-----sort of looked like she was lighting dynamite and quickly moving out of the way!!!!! LOLOL

You really think its Cherry? Never thought of that, Trav say's its pineapple and WD thinks its red oak?
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looks like sherry wood, bares the leaves that mothra feeds on.very endangered speices. navtives used the wood to make tent pegs out of and sell to the tourist. who in turn thought they were crappy tent pegs and split when hammerd on..when they threw them in the camp fire out of discust.the smoke smell was awesome and so began the time honord tradition of low and slow.
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Did you say Sherry?

Did you say Sherry? reminds me of gym class in highschool!!
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methinx Smok'n Steve is rubbin that great score of "cherry" in abit.Just scored me 1/8 cord of the same funny lookin wood today and thought I was all that till I saw yer pile now I'm jealous LOL!biggrin.gif
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16" diameter for a cherry tree is good size.
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