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Please Meet Cooper (My new Mini-Lang)

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This past weekend I was lucky enough to meet Smok N' Steve and pick up one of his mini smokers. This thing is small. Even smaller than I thought it would be. But, it is a fabulous cooker. It even comes complete with a built- in log, or twig, lighter. Just the sound of the gas lighting off and flaming the charcoal to life brings a little joy to my life. This little guy will maintain a perfect 225* for as long as there is fuel. Thanks Steve, you are a true craftsman.

This first pic is of Elliott, my 8 year old, and Twiggy, the Original Mini.

This is of Steve putting the final touches on my mini (I named him Cooper)

Here is the first Cook. A Bratty Fatty. Johnsonville Brats with Pepperoni and cheese.

My big son Nathan and a dozen ABTs

Breakfast Fattys

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I had to register to also give kudos to SmokingSteve for creating my husband's favorite new toy!

He had so much fun last week cooking on Cooper ;)

The blueberry breakfast fatty was to.die.for **drool**

We are already planning a "mini" party for next year.

This thing is really cool!

BTW- aren't our kids cute? wink.gif
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Congrads to both of you on the mini's. Those smokers look soooooo cool. Steve is a real craftsman. Excellent job.
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Congrats on the new toy.
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Whoa, that's crazy small! Does he have a website? How much do one of those cost?
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Some of the best fatties I have ever seen there Dick!!

Did Elliott eat the whole thing??


P.S. POINTS FOR THE FATTIES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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not to hijack but blueberry fatties? could we convince you to pass along the recipie (in another thread of course)

Way to go steve, those mini's are great
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sweeeeet, those thing are kool, efficent also I would guess.. the food you all have cooked on them looks great also..

the brats are handsome also..must get that from the
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Great post Dick. That is the coolest twig burner!! Great to see the family getting involved!!

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I agree. Getting the whole family into smoking is great!.

Steve is quite a craftsman for sure. Glad to see some folks enjoying his labors.

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Had to look up the tiny smoker after reading the blueberry fatty thread...

The pic of Nathan and the smoker is awesome - nice depth of field and composition... biggrin.gif
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Smokin' -- Pretty neat to see your boys into it.

Steve -- Nice work.
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