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Hey from Central Iowa

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Earlham to be exact. Been a lurker for a while, great site with TONS of great info. I have a GOSM currently. Tried my hand at smoking about 10 years ago but was short lived at first. I've picked it back up this year and am having more fun than ever. It's probably more fun now that we have kids, always fun coming up with new stuff that the kids love to eat.

I'm very much a beginner and learning new stuff each week. Helps to have co-workers like BlakeN to talk food with at work!

Fall is quickly approaching which means more food and football! Definitely my favorite time of the year.

Take Care,

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Welcome Kory, glad you decided to come out of the woods and join us. Need to check out the 5-Day eCourse it's free and some good basic info. You can find it on the left sidebar..Don't forget the Q-View
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oooo another Iowan! Welcome!
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Welcome to smf ducks. Nice to see all the Iowa folks gettin on here. I wont say anything about your avatar. Anyway, again, welcome.
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Welcome to the SMF! We're so glad to have you aboard and look forward to your (hopefully) often posts and pictures. One other thing ..... I've been wondering if it's true. I have a cousin up in Alabama and he tells me that in Iowa on of the best places to meet girls is at a family reunion. Is that really true? I haven't run it by Snopes yet. icon_smile.gif
Seriously, again, welcome to the SMF! Look forward to hearing from you often.
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Glad ya joined us, Kory! Hope we can be of help to ya in any way possible to help ya get some successful smokes under your belt! Welcome to SMF!! PDT_Armataz_01_38.gif
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Welcome to the SMF, nice to know you're enjoying smokin' along with the family. Plenty of GOSM owners here.
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Welcome to the SMF family.
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HURRAY! ! ! !..........ANOTHER HAWKe............ahhh

never mind

uh......welcome, i guess........biggrin.gif j/king.........
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btw Kory.......make sure you sign up for Jeff's FREE 5-day ecourse........LOTS of great info, and tips and tricks........

once again WELCOMEPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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welcome to smf kory from neighbor to the north!!! another iowa smoker... you have alot of smokin buds right there in your home state and very good ones i may add!!! like WD says ck out the ecourse and cant wit for you to share some smokes with us via qview!!!
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welcome got a gosm with mods and love it...lots of good peolpe to learn from and teach when ya can..
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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I've already signed up for the e-course. Also tried my first hand at a Fatty yesterday, which turned out awesome... next up will be a breakfast fatty.. with Qview of course!
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Welcome Kory. Duck hunter ???????????????? I take it.
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Yes... Fall can not come soon enough. Can't wait to watch the sunrise on a crisp cold morning on the marsh. Better yet, how about a 35mph Northwest wind temps in the 20's and a little snow... oh yeah and the weather station saying the Dakota's are getting hit with 10 inches of snow... hehe biggrin.gif
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And the big greenheads circling the decoys!
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I'M IN!!! Bust'n honkers and green heads is my other passion.
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Iowa strikes again! Welcome aboard, glad ta have ya! We just had an Iowa Gatherin, but yall be welcome ta come ta next years! We had a great time an some fantastic food! Yall will know us a bit better by then. Welcome ta the finest site on the web ta learn the craft!
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From one Iowan to another, Welcme to Smf
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