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Capicola Part 2 Holy Crap That's A Lot Of Pepper W/QVIEW

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This is the finish of this thread: http://smokingmeatforums.com/forums/...threadid=20816

Ok, I soaked it over night and the saltiness was gone, sigh of relief. I let it sit in the pot till I got home tonight and more cure was released. I did another salt test with the boss tonight and it passed thank God, as she will be taking it for sammies. She even said yum, I said it isn't even smoked yet, wait till she tastes the pepper.icon_evil.gif I rubbed it with Paprika and Cayenne. I used more Cayenne on this roast from the bottle than I have used in several years, yikes!

It started out at 45' and is now up to 56' as I type. I am trying to follow Rytecks recipe as best I can, because I didn't have any thing to stuff it in. It is now in the drying out process for 3 hours though I may change that without a casing.

My first biggest fear was the cure as I was using Tender Quick and not his recipe. The next was saltiness, I hope I am over that. The last was not having a casing to stuff it in. I fear at certain places is will come out in pieces instead of nice slices. I say oh, well, if it tastes good I will buy some for the next one.

I like doing these experiments as it helps me grow, and if I can pass something along and help other members grow, that's an extra bonus for me.

As always thanks for watching the show, and wish me luck!!

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Hope it turns out good! I wouldn't mind trying to make some myself.
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Well this is the second time I have replied or mabe third, and they have dissapeared. Here is the view from the last post.

It is still at 135" I may just set the MES at 155' AND GO TO BED.

Thanks for watching!!
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Just pulled at 155' will let you know how it turned it out in the am.

Thanks for watching!!

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Instead of a casing or netting to put it in, you could use butcher's twine and tie it up with butcher's knots. I'll start another thread with pix for anyone who doesn't know how to tie one (about 8 pic's, don' t want to muddy up your thread with it!)
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Cheesecloth or a cotton cloth will work also.
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Thanks, Pops. I did use butcher twine, I'll have to see your thread on doing it the right way.icon_smile.gif Mine was a little sloppy.
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Looks like somebody couldn't wait any longer. How did it taste?
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I had a quick bite last nite. Seemed good but it was still warm.

The real test will be when I get home and slice it.

Thanks for asking.
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ron, cant wait to see some sliced segments and taste report!!!!
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Hey Erain. Just got home and will post some pics soon.

Hint, you may be surprised.wink.gif
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The Verdict Is In Lots Of QVIEW

Well, another experiment finished.

I would rate this at 5 stars if you like Capacola ham or maybe any ham.

My observences are as follows. Litely smoked, very lightly salted. Nice smooth flavor, should make a nice sub or sammie. I don't usually like salt but could have had a little more. Little more smoke too for me. Slightly peppery, spicey, but not hot at all. I'm sure for you chili heads you could have a ball with this and use your imagination.

Some of my fears in the begining were the 1.Type of cure and the confusion on curing time. 2.When I boned it there was a gaping whole on 2 sides and didn't have enough twine to tie properly. I then got more twine and tied again. Still awful wiggley, and thought it would not hold up to slicing without being in pieces. Sliced perfectly, and just melted together, can't even see where the bone was. 3. Another huge concern was the saltiness as my first fry pan test was way too salty to eat and was very chewey. After soaking it was fine. 4. Another concern was the cure not being even or completly throughout, it was. 5. I thought it might be too hot for the wife. Thumbs up from her.

So, here are some pics to confirm this smoke.

This was right out of the smoker last night at 155'.

You can see the juice.

After being chilled tonight the gelatin.

The kids while I was slicing. Jackpot on the left, Lucky on the right, both hoping for a scrap.

Jackpot was soo into this smoke he actually verbally yelped when I was slicing and put his paw on the dishwasher, never done that before, he seems to love the smoke and always helps me.

Here it is sliced. Got 4 1/2 pounds and I think I started with 6 1/2 I would have to check to be sure.

In total conclusion another great experiment, thanks for keeping me on my toes, as this was a challenge for me and I had many doubts. Many times this week I was wondering if I would have to chuck it.

But hey, it's only smokin' right? I shoudn't take it so seriously, but when it comes to food I am a perfectionist.

I really like doing these experiments they are fun and challenging for me.

This is a great hobby for me plus a learning experience, and sharing is what it is all about.

Ready for another experiment. Any suggestions?

I may have some tonight on Artisan bread, that hard crusted stuff I get at Sam's, if I do I'll post another pic.

Thanks again everybody for watching!! I appreciate it!
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Oh la la!!

Bravo on another successful experiment! You Rock!
I think your next restaurant will be a huge hit! Happy smokes! all I can say is panchetta!! oh yeah!
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It looks good. One of these days I'll have to try something like that....
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Thank you, I already researched that, and it is a dry cure and takes at least 50 days unless I find another recipe.

If ya do and need some help, let me know.
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Looks Fantastic! I'm droolin' in my toasted oats...! (Cappy is a breakfast food, right?!) <grin>!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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if you slice that paper thin it would make a nice fatty filling.
thin layer cappy
thin layer provolone
thin layer assorted stuff(kalamatas, spinach, rsted reds)
thin layers repeat infinately, roll it up. wow. similar to wha the goddess pulled off coupla weeks ago. Man really so many uses. Enjoy your meat.
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Lousy pic, but tasted great on this Artisan bread, very crusty.

That fatty sounds great.
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Looks great, congratsPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thank you very much.
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