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Howdy All

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I got this site info from a friend and am looking forward to learning what I can about wood smoking and roasting my favorite meats. I recently picked up a commercial fridge that I intend to convert to a smoker. If there is any information or ideas that can be generated from this site for its conversion I would appreciate hearing about them and learning all I can about smoking and roasting.
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Welcome Dan! Hooo boy... I hope yer road ain't as long as mine!
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Welcome to the SMF brotherhood Dan. Watch out for them friends who steer ya to strange websites!eek.gif You will find enough reading here to make your afternoons in the office/trailer go by alot faster. Not many pirates here, but I am sure you'll fit right in!icon_wink.gif
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Another Dan... oh, boy. Welcome to the SMF from SE Meechigan.
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Welcome Dano..You'll enjoy..based on what I saw on the above you've got one hellava project..good luck
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Well, After plugging in the fridge it works too well to scrap. Time to resort to plan B.

I plan on building a wood burner from scratch using referenced plans on the reversed flow/tuning plate design I saw on this site. I reckon its time to break out my old gear. Man Its been a while since I built anything of this nature. Just like riding a bycycle so they say. When I get my tank(s) various plate and misc. supplys together I'll post and document the project to the appropriate forum. As a 20 year vetran iron worker and fabricator this will be a fun project, so long as this old body approves...eek.gif

Thanks for the welcome
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DangerDan and hot metal? Sounds like an interesting combo. Welcome to SMF, have fun.
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Welcome to the smf................Glad to have you here..................
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the SMF Dan from the deep in thumb here. Looking forward to see what you construct. Some strange notion in the back of my head on the DNR web site they also had plans for a wooden smoker. Good luck.
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Well I ain't much on carpentery so I'll be making thisun outa steel...PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Bertjo44, When the work gets going the sparks get to flyin I truly live up to my name...
In fact, working iron is where I got this nic some 28 years ago.
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Welcome to the forum DangerDan!
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Welcome to SMF Dan. you found the right place
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Welcome Danger Dan.
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Welcome to the forum!
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Welcome to the Pack Dangerdan.Have fun and Send lots of pics. (as if I have already)LOL!
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welcome aboard bud PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif
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