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Advice/Info on Snack Sticks

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Hello everyone , I havent posted for awhile but with deer season looming on the near horizon my co workers have been asking if i am still planning on making snack sticks in addition to the summer sausage i usually make.I have decided to buy a 5# stuffer to help me with the sticks but have a few questions.I usually oven cook the summer sausage till the internal temp hits 160/165 degrees can i use this same method with the sticks? do i need to do anything special with the edible collegen casings before i stuff and cook em? And finally any suggestions on a really good seasoning mix? i am currently looking at CURLY SAUSAGES codys snack sticks and SAUSAGE MAKERS hawaiin teriyaki seasoning hard to decide without tasting any sticks made with em so if any of u have used these 2 seasonings any feedback would be appreciated thanks in advance DAVEMO
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I would recomend cooking until internal temp is 152, at that point they are fully cooked.
When using the collagen casings, be sure that you don't over stuff as they tend to burst quite easily.
I use Leggs Old Plantation snack stick seasoning, and everybody seems to love them.

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PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif I don't care what seasoning you use. I will say if the sticks are really hot; they last longer; because the troops aren't scarfing them down. Kids and women tend to like sweeter and milder stuff. Especially applies to jerky mixes in my humble opinion. I like sharing; but I also like snack sticks. I smoke them in longer rolls hanging from stainless rods and then trim them to lengths that I prefer (to fit in quart size ziplocks) later. I use the casing that you drop the finished sausages in cold water for a few minutes and then remove the casings. Just what I learned on. Check what diameter of casings you like also. Smaller sizes takes a lot more casings and refilling of the stuffer. We bought some meat lugging tubs for helping organize the efforts. Easy to clean up and store when not in use. Lots of white plastic 5 gal buckets also help. Hope this helps. Rich
Happy Smoke Rings and Snack sticks from Sedalia, MO.
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i cook to 152 deg internal and imediatly remove and spray down with cold water to stop the cooking. everything is 100% cooked at that temp.
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ive used curleys,codys and was quite happy with the results every body loved em.but ive added some heat to them .like garlic and or tabasco,or crushed red pepper. i also take the temp to the low 150s and then the cold water bath.cool.gif
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In addition to everything that has already been posted, about the only addition I would add, as far as collagen casings are concerned, is to spray a little Pam or some such cooking spray on the stuffing tube before each hank of casing is put on. You don't wet collagen, so this helps the casing to slide from the horn, and reduces tearing. I also store my collagen casings in the refrigerator as the cool temp and slight humidity seems to help prolong their life.
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