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Another sell by date thread...

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I have two racks of BB's on the smoker. They both had a sell by date of 7-16-08 on them, were in the bag and kept in a cold refrigerator 34-36. Both had the sulfur smell coming out of the bag which is not unusual but it did seem stronger than normal. Didn't smell sweet according to my poor sense of smell and the boss's more particular smeller. I think I'm alright to soldier on here but looking for some re-assurance or What the heck are you doing??

Thanks, I will have q-view later in the day. Then off to help cook fish for group this evening.
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Looky Lou's! wink.gif
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I always go by the "if in doubt throw it out" methodology when it comes to food, while food is getting expensive, it is a heck lot cheaper than getting sick.

your meat only went 3 days past the sell date, based on the 7/10 and up 36 hours in fridge. I would probably use it but only if it passed my sniff test.

I threw 20 pounds of hamburger out the other day that didn't smell right, it had sat in my fridge for 3 days.
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My girl friend is a manager at a large grocery store, she said that most foods are good for at leadt 5 days passed the sell by date. But you have to keep in mind that sometimes food in the store isn't kept at proper temps throughout the day. Between shipping, stocking and presenting there's a lot of time for mistakes.

I'm with flatbroke on this one, if it didn't pass your sniff test with flying colors, "when in doubt pitch it out".
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Oops see i had a typo and corrected it. Sorry, the sell by date was actually 7-16-08.
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well if ya cook um let see the Q-view and please tell us if you took a magic carpetride.
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Will do, foiled one rack and left the other on the grate at the 2 hr mark. Pretty amazing difference when I just took it out of the foil. I've always done one or the other but not both at same time.
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yea keeps us posted.... 10 days past sell by date i woulda chunked em, but let us know PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I with crazyhorse..I worked for a grocery chain for 28 yrs and after seeing and hearing of all the things that can happen I would never go past 3 days out...but that's MHO
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My tummy would have hurled at the not fresh smell.

here ya go if needed..
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