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First time smoking a Butt

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Picked up a nice Butt at the butcher's meat sale today. 8.5 lbs and nicely marbled without too much fat. Getting ready to put the rub on and get er ready for an early start tomorrow. Thanks for all your tips and tricks on butt smoking.eek.gif I hope it turns out ok. PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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I'm sure it will turn out great just don't get excited if it hits the dreaded plateau and be sure to rest it at least one hour before pulling it will be better for it in both cases.

Good luck and happy smoking
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I'll be sure and take some pics along the way. :)
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Good luck and enjoy. Can't wait to see the finished product. What are you going to rub it with?
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Good luck and Happy Smokin to ya.
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I have some rub from Lysanders for pork and I add a little Cayenne. It's been awfully good on ribs. wink.gif
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I'll bet it's gonna be great. Take a look at the "Meowy method" sticky if you haven't already. It's a fool proof way to make great pulled pork. If it worked for me it will work for anyone biggrin.gif . I love the Lysanders seasoning for beef. I haven't seen the one for pork but I will look for it now. Good luck with it and let us know how it turns out.

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Fat cap DOWN PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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If you like the one for beef you're gonna love the one for pork. It's definitely spicier than the beef one. I used the beef rub on the shoulder roasts I did and they were good. The pork rub is so good I actually used it on a batch of chicken tenders, let them sit in the fridge for about an hour then grilled them. I almost had a fight break out over them.

I have the meowy method saved in a word doc on the desktop for reference but am probably going to combine that with the Mistake method from Jeff. I have some of the SoFlaQuer finishing sauce made up and some modified Chicken-n-Ribs BBQ sauce in a clear "ketchup bottle" if anyone wants some sauce on their butt. :)
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Ok the fire is going and the smoker is almost up to temp. I did coat the butt with mustard before applying the rub. It's been in the fridge overnight and is ready to smoke. I'll be using mainly hickory with a little applewood in there as well. Watter and apple juice in the pan and I'm going with an apple juice/Wild Turkey spritz for basting. My server is down right now so I may be a while before I can post any pics. It's gonna be a while before I'm done anyway as it's an 8.5 pounder. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif I can't wait!wink.gif
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Enjoy your smoke!

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Rubbed refrigerated unwrapped and ready...

4 hours in and bark forming...

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Looking good so far..What temp was it at 4 hrs?
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4 hours it was at 123 degrees. now at 134.
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You'll probably hit the plateau in about 10 to 15 deg....Be patient..don't crank the heat it could stay there an hour or so my last one stayed at 145 for 1 hr and 15min before it started rising again
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6.5 hrs and I'm at a 144 degree plateau. 25 min to next spritz. My 8 yr old son is handling the spritzing duties and he's wearing the remote thermometer on his belt. Daughter made a batch of SoFlaQuer finishing sauce and has been keeping her brother supplied with spritz. Dad is tending the fire and I've gone from lump to just adding a couple large chunks of hickory every so often. We B smokin'!!!

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Ok it finally hit 165 and I "sprayed" it with the juice, wrapped it and it's in the oven at 230. Taking it to 208 then wrapping in towels and into the cooler. My butt smells wonderful.eek.gif It was all I could do to keep from tearing off a chunk and "testing" it. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Looking good..I like to keep my oven at 245 but that's MHO..they always come very tender and moist
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Well it's finally hit 208 and I wrapped it up and into the cooler. I hit a second plateau at 172 and it held there for at least a half hour. man it
s been a long day. I'm gonna leave i for a couple hours and take a nap. alarm set for 2 hrs. I'll take some pics when it comes out and after I pull it. whew PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Sounds great I'll be looking for the qview to come
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