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Help with peppers

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I have quit a bit of hab and someother peppers and i was wondering what is the best way to put them up for later use? Is there a way someone sugests about canning? I know I can dry them in my dehydrator and use as seasoning but I would like to put some up so I could have some ABT's this winter. Has anyone ever vacumn sealed them and froze any for later use? Thanks for any help...
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instead of canning...........try pickling..........or dehydrating...........or put em on a cookie sheet, freeze, then put in baggies for later use
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WD has good advise. I often fire roast chiles then freeze them for later use. You can choose to remove the chard skin before or after the freeze. I do love the pickled ones too!
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What is the process for fire roasting them? Why do ya take the skin off, is it bitter? Thanks.. I ment pickle instead of canning, I have been canning beans so canning was on my mind.. lol Again thanks..
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I have also smoked a variety of hot chilies. After smoking I dehydrate them and then grind them in a old coffee grinder. I then put some in a jar with a shaker top and sprinkle on anything you want to add a smoky spicy flavor to.
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