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For Chris Harper

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Chris, I know that you have used Turbinado sugar in your rubs, Can you describe the differences between it and brown sugar? Taste, texture, how it cooks down. Thanks Chris.
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I don't want to speak for Chris but I'll give you my opinion if you want it as I use turbinado a lot in my rubs.

Especially during the summer when the humidity is high I try to use it instead of brown sugar. I find its taste pleasant if perhaps a little less sweet then light brown sugar. I usually replace the light brown sugar with an equal amount of turbinado and no one has noticed any taste difference.

It is a lot easier to work with then brown sugar as it pours just like white sugar although it has much larger granules then the white stuff.

It seems to carmelize less or slower then the brown sugar.

Hope this helps and hopefully Chris will be by soon to answer your question.
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Thanks Ron, I'm going to try a few small batches on friends to see if they notice any difference. It sounds like a good alternative for me, humidity it really high in SoCal. this time of year.
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Bump.... for Chris
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Bump... Bump...
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Hey Rich I use turbinado also. The biggest difference I notice is it doesn't tend to clump as much as regular brown sugar when applying it to a butt. I attribute that to the larger granules and like Ron said I havn't noticed any difference in texture, carmelization and such but I do believe it has a higher burning point than regular brown sugar.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks placebo, have you ever used it in a rub for beef, or anything else besides pork?
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Hey Rich. I use it equal parts instead of brown sugar also. It tastes the same to me. I also like it because it doesn't clump up like regular brown sugar does. I use Jeff's rub on everything I smoke, pork or beef. I use the turbinado instead of brown sugar in the rub. It does seem to carmelize slower than the regular stuff to me too.

I have gotten to where I use it instead of brown sugar for almost any recipe I use that has brown sugar (Dutch's beans for example). It is so much easier to work with.
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for what it's worth I also make all my own rubs and have not used brown in a along time-love my raw sugar-taste texture and melting points.
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