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mojito recipe

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I perfected this recipe over the last holiday, and thought I should share.

In 1 glass.

Put 4 to 6 mint leaves (less if big, more if small) in glass with a little bit of crushed ice.

Grind into a moderate pulp by hand with a big plastic spoon. When ice is slightly green, it's enough.

Squeeze juice of 1/2 lime into glass.

Pour 3 oz of mineral water (not carbonated water, sparkling mineral water).

Add 2 oz of clear rum (cheap works great too!! aristocrap!!!)

Add 1 to 2 oz of simple syrup (depends on your taste, I like 2)

Pour with strainer into glass half filled with ice. Top off glass with mineral water and stir once. Put spent lime half into glass and enjoy.

All our friends love this, and it's quite simple. Sugar may be adjusted to your taste, some like it sweeter, some don't

Tastes kinda like minty sprite!!! and the virgin version is quite good as well.

Also, it can be scaled up once you get the hang of things, but that requires tasting and adjusting as needed. After 3 or 4, they get even bettericon_exclaim.gif.
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I am not a consumer of alcoholic beverages but DANG does that sound refreshing!!!! Thanks for the recipe and the technique involved, in making this classic drink!
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Then how do you smoke anything???
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biggrin.gif Leave that up to your imagination ...
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I am thinking this mojito recipe goes great with my fattie smoke this weekend....I think my sous chefs will concur
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I should note, I don't like stems in mine, and don't grind until they shred.

I prefer it strained into a glass.

For added zing, get a bottle of martini and rossi asti, and use it in place of the sparkling mineral water. Only did that once, but it was awesome.
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Wow. I just had this drink on vacation and i must say they are darnnnnnnnn good. Beer man mostly but what a nice change. Thanks .
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those take way too long to make. ur best bet is to make a lot then pour em. i know from experience. tasty concoction tho.
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Good looking recipe Packplant!

Mojitos are a favorite with my Texas camping friends...Between those and the margarita machine, their camp outs get pretty interesting.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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I both agree and disagree. They do take time, which is why I discourage people from getting them at most bars. The bartender doesn't take the time to make it right unless it's slow.

And, it can be scaled up to a larger batch, but the taste is never quite as good as getting things just perfect in single servings.

One normally takes me about 2 minutes if I have the ingredients all ready.

Over last memorial day, I probably made about 15 in a row before I decided to try to scale up.

If you do scale it up, be very careful of the mint. Leaving it in the pitcher will make for a very bitter, overly mint tasting drink. The easiest way to do it, I found, was to figure about how many mint leaves you will want for the total pitcher. Muddle them with ice for a bit, then get the flavor off with a few oz of the seltzer water. Strain the leaves and ice out so you get just the flavored seltzer.

Then just make up the rest with the correct multiple of the single recipe.
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For a quickie try the Rose's Mojito mix

I had to restock my rum yesterday and stopped by the local Alberstons as they had Bacardi 1.75l on sale for $19.99. As I was walking to the register I saw a Don Q Mojito kit for $17.99. It was a 1.75l of Don Q Silver and a 24 oz. bottle of Rose's Mojito mix. I have had Don Q before but never the mix so thought I would try it since the price was right.

Now...I have had mojitos made by professional bartenders where they do it "slow" and have made them myself. I can honestly tell you that I found no difference at all in taste with this mix. The mix was probably better than the ones if fixed.

Most of the time these premade mixes leave a lot to be desired....but this one is good. 3oz of mix to 1oz of rum and a mint leaf or two for garnish (optional) and you are good to go.

I just went to their website and they have a $1 off coupon if you are interested.

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You got me thinking of mojitos now... DARNIT!!! Now I have to go buy rum.
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VLAP...try the Albertsons on Manatee for the Don Q Mojito kit. I did not see the mojito kit in the sales paper so it is possible that this was just local to our store here in PC.

I don't think you would regret it. I know I enjoyed the 3 I had last night.
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I did not realize you were so familiar with the area. The one on cortez is actually on my way home and I will be leaving soon now that my mind is stuck on mojitos.

I love it when I goto south beach in November. Every restaurant/bar I go into
has stacks of glasses all ready to make mojitos. Lime mint and sugar already in the cup. I drank a few (few = many) to many there PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Maybe he smokes anything...
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LOL Maybe
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Sounds like the options are there for anyones personal tastes PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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This comming from a person that restrained from making a comment on someones pic that only had a case of bud on thier cooker , they make 30 packs ya know PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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We had kids at the beach house, so I made both. The hard part was keeping the pitchers apart once made.

When the kids started wobbling, we knew they had oursPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif.
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