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Rookie from MI

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Hi everyone!

I'm a relatively new to all of this. I've made smoked kielbasa every year I can remember (family tradition) in a upright barrel attached to a 3' flue where it is heated and smoked with a small fire. Very tedious, but very rewarding!

Other than that I've done some fish, turkey and ribs but never mastered anything.

I'm going to be building a new smoker and grill so I'm sure I'll find that info here!

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welcome to SMF there is a ton of info and vets on here. Probably the best online community I have ever come across.
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The Michigan contingency grows! Welcome from Livonia!
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Howdee from Lake Orion! Lots of custom build articles here, and mods for commercial pits too! Do some perusing, it's sure to help ya tons!
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Welcome from Kazoo!biggrin.gif
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Welcome from here in the thumb. Another good week and we can over take the SMF. lol This will be one of the best sites you will find. It seems I have not been to the others forums I used to hang out. Lots of great info and different ideas. They have 5 day ecourse on here on smokeing its highly recommended.
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And a big howdy from Hell!
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Welcome aboard from Mayville
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Hi and welcome to the forum. By now you must know this is the best forum on the planet. Welcome again from just south of the border and a michigan want-a- be. lol
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Welcome to the world of smoke...You'll find anything you want here...and maybe some things you don't want..LOL...Man I feel like an outsider with all you Michigan boys here. lol
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welcome aboard

welcome aboard from Bridgeport. (Saginaw )
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Welcome to SMF. Be sure to post pics as you build that smoker. We would love to share in the process.
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Welcome and look forward to some pics.
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Welcome from Plymouth.
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Welcome aboard........................
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Nuf Said!!

Soon we are gonna have to limit you MI peeps!! I think we have reached our quota no?? Ya get the cup and become social?? Of course Im kidding!!
I am actually jealous cuz we do not have any where close to that contingency in So Cal!! Not to many peeps to play with!!
Happy Smokes!!
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Welcome to the SMF from Northern Indiana...............

This is a great place to learn about the art of smoking. I look forward to seeing some pics.
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Howdy, Good to have a fellow Mi person here. I was just in saginaw aweek ago.
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BBQG (k) -- I am recruiting for you all. My uncle in Pomona liked my Que over the 4th weekend so I told him to get on here and get going with a pork butt. (He has a BGE, too.)
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