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Beef for Sat.

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I'm in charge of bringing the meat for a family reunion on sat. They gave me the choice of bringing beef (pulled or sliced). Just would like some input on what cuts would work the best. I will be using a pepper corn rub . I don't think I'll have time for a brisket. THANKS for your help
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Whats up Hunter? I recently did two chuck roasts for pulling. I sprinkled with montreal steak seasoning in the smoker with apple wood at 225-235 degrees until reached 165. Then wrapped in foil and brought temps up to 200-205. Into the cooler for an hour or so. Pulled rather easily. Made an au jus for it. Really pleased with the results as this was my first attempt with beef.
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I agree with Dingle. The chuck roasts are pretty cheap at Sam's Club. I've been meaning to do some myself. Thanks for the reminder!biggrin.gif
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For pulled, I'd suggest some chuck roasts (bone-in or boneless) and for sliced, maybe london broil (top round) or a sirloin tip roast?

EDIT: I agree with Dingle and Bassman!
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I would also go with a Chuck Roast. I smoked on 2 weekago and it was killer. Cook it like a butt. I dry rubbed the meat 2 nite b-4 then made a red sauce and marinade it the next day. Smoked it at 250 with Cherry to 165 then foiled to 200. Put it in the cooler wraped in blanket for two hrs. Took the dripping and made a dripping sauce. WOW it was killer.icon_exclaim.gif
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We only brine chicken. Good luck with the SAT. smoke.
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I was gonna suggest a chuckie also but they take longer than a brisket.confused.gif
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1 Vote for Tri-Tip!

Get thee to thine local Costco and snag some tr-tip! It usually only takes me about 2 hours @225 to get an internal temp of 135, let rest for another 30 mins in foil/cooler and you have a PERFECT medium rare & smoky beef treat!
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