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Meat thermometer

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Hey folks just wondering if anybody else has a hard time getting a good reading on their meat thermometer with chicken hindquarters. I am only a couple hours into the smoke and am reading high already. I am looking for 165 and I'm beyond that already. I do trust this thermometer. I have checked it many times.

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How long were you planning on the smoke taking?

I would have only planned a couple of hours to cook them anyhow.
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also make sure you are not touching/too close to the bone
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I guess I didn't know how long hind quarters would take. Second, if I can't get my probe totally covered by meat is it most important that the tip is?

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thats why i also have a instant read hand held thermo, to check the meaty part
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The last inch and a half or so buried in thickest meat you can get should be fairly accurate. I take chicken to at least 175 anyway, for what that's worth.
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Yeah, I was just curious.........I know how those things go, seems like what ever you plan misses the mark anyhow. LOL Depends a heck of a lot on what temp you are cooking them at. I am a 170 kind of guy, and if I don't hit that in 2 hours (or a little less) I get antsy.

I don't think the probe needs covered by the meat, get the tip in there the best you can as mentioned, get the meatiest part you can, and try not to be up against the bone.
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The probe gets it's reading from the last 1/4" on the end, just need to pierce the skin for an accurate reading.
Chicken 1/4's should only take about an hour and a half at 325*. wink.gif
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I know, I know this post is worthless without Q View. Anyway. I did let my hindquarters go all afternoon. After reading some of the posts I was concerned about them drying out. They weren't. They were fabulous. I don't know if it was the brining, but I am sold on that. I did a whole 10# bag of them. I have plenty to take fishing with me. You'll just have to imagine what they looked like.

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brining is the key dmack........... coming to the gathering?
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By imn88fan
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Not according to my girlfriend..............sorry biggrin.gif
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