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Skeeters be gone!

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ThermaCell mosquito repellant lantern. Install/setup within 5 minutes. Can be used as a lantern and/or mosquito repellant.
Test Conditons:
I live in So. cal and we have a big mosquito problem in this area. Backyard was soaked 2 hrs. before dusk. Left dinner plates with scraps 2 ft. from grass, we sat 4 ft. from the grass. Turned lantern light on high once it was dark.
Test Results:
No mosquitos and /or flying insects within the protected zone. Once it was dark, the lantern did not attrack moths or other flying insects. lantern has a low/high setting for illumination, but even on high it was a dim lighting. Unit was on for over 2 1/2 hrs. and the product functioned as advertised. I would recommend this product to anyone.
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Thanks that's good to know.
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Hey thx Richoso,
They just found a bunch of dead birds in our area from "West Nile Virus" and I was getting paranoid about letting the kids go out after dark...where did ya get this thermo bug-er-ator?
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This is the link

but I later heard that you can find it at Lowe's, Wally World. Home Depot. I have used it twice with excellent results according to Gloria. The lantern isn't very big, and it doesn't give off much kight, but it works! Thanks to all who gave a good refferal.
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Was going to follow up on an original post on this subject today and you've done my work for me PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

We are in the country surrounded by cornfields, skeeters and flies a big problem. Will have to look at getting one or two of these.
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Glad I didn't help give you a bum steer on this , have heard lots of recomendations from folks online that I take thier word for , like yours wink.gif
Much better in my opinion than any adverts from the sellers .
Glad it worked out good for you . icon_smile.gif
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If it uses the same fuell cells as the smaller ( non lantern ones ) look for the conair cordless curling iron fuel cells in the hair tool section of local drug stores and wallyworld . I believe they are the same thing and often a bit less expensive wink.gif
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You can tell when the repellant tab is expriing by the color. It starts out solid blue then turns to white as it is being spent. Average time per tab is around 3 hours.
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Heard a great testimony about this product in Chesapeake, VA from friends (a TON of bugs there in Tidewater, VA)
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glad you have had the same results ive had rich.... I tell folks all the time these things are magical.. and they never believe, tilll they try for them selves. They sure do make the outdoor recs more enjoyable, dont they.biggrin.gif
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I love your test set ups Rich!! thanks for the info....
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Rich, I will pass this one along too. (forgot to say)
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Rich, thanks for the review and testimony to this product i'll get some.

thanks mark
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