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It does look like yer set for a finishing sauce eh?[/quote]
ha ha its your b-day you don't have to be, It sure is dark huh? Im thinking some of that is from the blackcherry koolaid, it stained my hands going been tbs all night, using apple....we shall see....b-day boy!
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Chef Kel - the bark on that looks awesome ... nice sear ya got at the beginning too!!

You've definitely set the bar for us SMF folks with those exotic ingredients!!! I'm sure the taste buds don't like biggrin.gif

Great job - can't wait for more pics!!
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Great job Kelly! You put such an amazing twist on things. Points comin' at ya!
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Looks great, I want a taste !!!
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foiled and resting...

the brisket that is....

note the mia chunk?? yes the cabana boy couldn't wait and had to pick...

I must say it is pretty tastey and a bit ahead of schedule. I ended up with a ton of finishing sauce...

I am pretty sure we are pulling this for more pix coming at ya all!

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Great job!
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Here we go all pulled.
The sammies are going to have a finishing sauce of Roasted pepper blackberry vinegar and sugar.

All of my peeps here say this is my best all night smoke yet!
I wish you all could share in some with us, I know you are all here in spirit.
Thanks for constantly raising the bar and keeping me inspired, I love you all!!
Happy smokes!! see ya all next weekend....Are you ready for a throwdown??

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Been looking for that over the top brisket.....I think I may have found it...thanks for some awsome pics and I bet some great tasting brisket!!
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I'm not big on brisket, but that "rub" tempts me a bit. Good looking stuff Goddess!
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good lookin stuff goddess
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Very nice job, and great pics. Thanks
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VERY nice... Love the color and texture! Excelsior!
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