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Pyrex Thermo

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I have bought two of these thermo's.


After moderate use of each one (weekend smoke maybe twice a month), they have started to read at elevated temperatures (~130 degrees) even when just sitting out at room temps.

Does anyone else know why this happens or how to fix it? I don't want to waste yet another $50.

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Did they get wet? Try placing them somewhere warm and dry. Did you soak the probe in water? You could try the hot oil trick..place the probe JUST up to the wire...not over it..in hot oil for a while...
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how hot of oil?

the only time it got wet was when i washed it.
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I have 3 of the pyrex thermos you speak of.
They all came from "Bed Bath and Beyond" at around $17-$18.

If you wash them under water as I did they get moisture inside the stem and start reading very high.

I put them in the kitchen oven at 252* for 2 hours. BE SURE you leave the plastic plug on the other end of the wire outside the oven. This will drive out the moisture and you will be good as new. Just dont submerge them in dishwater anymore!

The other thing I did was inadvertently trading the probes and bodies around. Then the readings go awry again. Put the probes in icewater and keep trading bodies to get the reading you should (32*). When you determine the correct probe for each body you can color code the things so you wont mix them up again.

One of mine is dead on the other two are not. One reads +2* and the other -2*. so you can note that on the body somewhere to remind.

hope this helps
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