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The boys will get Brisket!

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Drop dead Awsome Sunny day in Washington today!. .My son's 13 yo Babe Ruth All-Star team just won back to back tournaments the past 2 weeks & next week they play in the state tournament. What's a proud dad to do? Smoke them a brisket to take with us. I bought this as the whole brisket & in the process of carving off a lot of the fat, I ended up separating the point? (thicker part) into two pieces & cutting the flat? (thinner part) away from the point" so they would fit in the smoker. Plan on foiling & bringing to about 200-205* for pulling. Here's the start.
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Wow! That's great news on the tourneys, Congratulations to the boys!

Good luck with the smoke
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That is awesome! I umped a couple of all star tourney's this year. Baseball at one of its purest forms. Congrats to the kids! Don't forget the umps though, slide them some meat too. Probably won't get you any calls, but they usually are volunteering their time. I know I appreciate any and all food that I get!
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Looks good so far Fishawn. How did it turn out for you? Congrats to your boys on the little league tourney!!

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How do you like that smoker I am thinking about getting one.
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congrats on the baseball and hope they enjoy the brisket.
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The brisket turned out great!..Just under 6 pounds when finished, vacuum packed & ready to roll. It probably was over 6 pounds prior to "safety testing".......Sweet Baby Ray's sauce & some fresh rolls & those kids will be ready to play ball!.... I also included a q-view of my first try at making something look nice in the foodsaver bags, sausage & cheese for the trip.
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Right on! The kids are gonna love that.

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Babe Ruth 13 year old South WA State Champions!
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Awesome Scott. Congrats to your kiddos. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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The Brisket must have kicked in......They are now Pacific Northwest Champions and are leaving this week to play in the Babe Ruth World Series in Jamestown New York!.....Gone for 11 days with a Host family in Jamestown NY....( I hope they smoke ribs there icon_smile.gif ) ..............
What an experience & championship game..............
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Wow, Fantastic! Gonna take the Weber on the plane? Would that be a carry on or a stow? If you carry it on you could get some chicks done in time - might be a bit sloppy gettin' thru security if you brine 'em first tho... (TIC) biggrin.gif
Congrats on the fantastic win and good luck at Jamestown - you'll love it there!
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