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Flat Iron Steak

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I tried a new steak last night. It's a Flat Iron which is a new cut from the chuck in the shoulder. It's Very tender. Anyway, it's a somewhat thin cut and very lean so it's not a good smoking candidate and better suited for the grill. However, since I have a better feel for this cut, I just might have to try smoking one at some point.

Anyway, I used sea salt, ground pepper and a basting sauce before grilling:

I grilled them at 400 for 6-7 minutes per side:

They came out very juicy as I kept them on to 145 internal. I think I'll try 140 next time:

I also planned on some sauteed onions, peppers, cilantro and mushrooms done in EVOO. So, we got the meat sliced up and it was as tender and juicy as I had heard it can be. In fact, even more so. The skinny was this is the next most tender piece of meat behind a tenderloin.

Finally, dinner was ready as it was very good.

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I've used the flat iron for fajitas and it worked great.
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I use them for fajitas too!
Looks really good Abelman!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Very nice. Looks great. I like the little corn on the cob holder/boat thingy.

FWIW It isn't a new cut, just a new name.........easier to market "Flat Iron" than "boneless top blade steak" LOL
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I just read an article in a magazine the other day that said the flat iron cut was the 2nd most tender cut of beef. I have seen it a few times in the store but wasnt sure what it was, seems like its usually pretty cheap also.
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FJ, you're probably right. I googled it and came with some info about it being a new cut, etc. It's new out this way, LOL.

I still can't believe how tender it is...

Thanks for the complients guys and gal.
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WOW that spread looks yummy, where was my invite?
I have also seen those "flat Iron" steaks around out here, had not tried them cuz they sounded and were priced kinda of like a piece o' meat that could wind up like shoe leather if not used in like a stew or chili...I will have to go try one now cuz yours look fabulous!
thanks for the 411!
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Guess we all know who to blame when the price of this cut goes up. icon_evil.gif
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I didn't know they could be used for anything but fajitas, since I never tried. They take a spicy fajita marinade extremely well, and taste awesom. Looks good, I may have to try some sans tortillas now.
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They have been serving it in higher end restaurants around here for years. Just came out last year on the retail market (Kroger). (coined "the butchers best kept secret) I have given up Rib-eyes for the flat iron!! A great price too.
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Nice job on the flank steaks....What, no Mojo??? PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
Flank steak is actually cut from the belly area of the steer, from behind the brisket.
Good stuff!!
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Bubba, this is cut from the chuck on the shoulder, it looks like a flank steak but it's not.

Here's some info I found on it:

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You are correct, sorry, had flank on my brain....PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
They usually go $5.99 a lb here.
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LOL Flank for Brains
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No problem, as for price, same here.
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As everyone else said, nice work! Looking good there... I've seen them at Kroger as well and haven't ever picked them up out of fear of them coming out like crap at that price. They're definitely on the weekend shopping list, thanks to you!
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AWESOME cross hatched grill marks, you are THE MAN!

plus rep for you.
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We'll keep an eye out for if/when they go on sale here... was looking at one in Kroger a few hours ago... just wondering... biggrin.gif
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Flat irons are a great piece of meat , but not very well know as a quality cut in North America .... most of it is shipped to Japan PDT_Armataz_01_08.gif from what I understand and is only starting to catch on here in recent times .

Tests have shown that this cut is actually more tender than tenderloin making it the most tender cut on the carcass , but it can not be called a grilling cut due to it coming from the shoulder , it does not make an appealing steak when cut for retail sale and therefore hasn't caught on well .

If you get a chance to try these at a good price ... do so you will not be disapointed !!
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mam o man I'd be on that like a hound dog on a supper plate..great job..thanks for the info..
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