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smoked hot wings

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I am not a wing fan,but these where just Too Good.Smoked them till they were at 160 internal,them tossed them in my hobiairo sause,put them back on till they were 180.Not slimy like most wings,well the three of us ate 6 pounds,Smoking is the best way to do Wings for sure......PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Looks great. How hot were they?
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Look like they turned out good. Great job!
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Have you ever tried to crisp them in a fry pan after smoking? I like them prepared that way.
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The sause is made from 2 hobinaros any cheap overly sweet store bout sause with 1 minced onion,worchestisire and red peper flakes and garlic.Hot but sweet so as not to over power your taste buds. No havent tried to crisp them,but will give that a try. for the 4th,I made 32 pounds,and only had a little bit left ( I hid them fro my self).Also the first batch,Only were brined for less than 2 hours,and I really liked them better than the ones that were done longer...PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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Congrats on the great Q View! What temp did you smoke with, and what kind of wood, was the skin crispy?
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the temp was around 325,and not crunchy but tight and crisp befor the sause.Very tender you can suck the meat from the bones. Thanks for the great comments .......icon_smile.gif
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did these bacan wrapted on the bone breasts at the same time. Used them for chicken salad the next day,Tasty.
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Part of the reason I like to saute them in some oil is to crips up the skin. Yum Yum
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Looks good Ace and sounds good also icon_exclaim.gif I love me some wings
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325 ???? wow thats hot !
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did i miss something everyone said "they look great" but i didn't see any thing
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They were in the first post.
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thanks but the pisc are to small for me to see.
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ok i got it now. Good loking wings I just did some and they came out great didn't use any sauce but yours sounds good I might have to try and make some of that up for next time.
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