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okie joe

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brinkman off set firebox professional smoker, been smoking for 37 years. lump charcoal to start fire and smokeing woods Pecan, Oak, Hickory,Mesquite and cherry when i can get it. I have 2 gasgrills and 3 ,,,smokers (i had to downsize) 57 years old bald, greybeard, married 37 years 3 grown kids and 1 grand child...have smoked just about any type of meat. make my own rubs None have salt or Sugar in them have 7 so sweet tart smokey sauce... dry smoke and add sauce deep1/4 smoke ring and tender meat .master pitmaster....
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Welcome aboard an glad ta have ya! Yall gonna fit right in I thins.
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Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to sharing tips and tricks.
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Weclome to SMF threres lots of good info and recipes here. Looking forward to some of your Qview. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome from another
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okie joe
Welcome to SMF, look forward to pics of your smoker, what you are smoking and recipes !!!
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Welcome to the SMF. I think you've said it all!
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Welcome to SMF! Those rubs sound like something we would like to hear more about,

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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Welcome to the SMF!!
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welcome to the forum!!! sounds like you have a bunch to share, cant wait to see your posts and share some smokes!!!
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Glad you're with us at SMF, Okie. Was fun chattin' with ya the other night in the chat room. Looking forward to your future posts and qvue! biggrin.gif
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Welcome to SMF Okie Joe. Look forward to hearing about your smoking adventures and to learn from your experience.
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Welcome to SMF! I've only been here a very short while and have learned a ton. Those rubs sound interesting. My spouse has High Blood Pressure and is limited in salt intake. anyway, look forward to more of your posts.
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Greetings Okie!
Sounds like another teacher has blessed us! I am an anxious student awaiting some great tips and recipes!!biggrin.gif
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Welcome to smf looking forward to some pic's, sure they will be good looking
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