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Give me some heat!

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I have a GrillPro vertical smoker. It has (3) vents - two at the bottom (left and right) and one at the top on the back. What is the best venting position(s) to increase the heat?
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I always keep the top vent fully open to keep the smoke moving. If not, there's a chance of getting stale smoke which can lead to a bitter taste on the meat. The lower vents are used to control the heat. Fully open equals hottest or fastest burn. Fully closed equals coolest or slowest burn. It's all about oxygen supply. Good luck!
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More air more heat i would say wide open just my .02
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Open all the vents to increase the heat.

Keep the smoker closed as much as possible.
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I also have one of these got it last weekend it is my first smoker and cannot get it hot enough it runs about 175 but I was closing my vents almost all the way to keep the smoke in live and learn I guess

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