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A view from the Q!

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First of all, Happy 4th of July everyone! May the day be a good one for you and yours.

Planning an all-day smoke of brisket, chicken and pork ribs.
Here is where it all starts at the-crack-of-dawn-thirty:

Lookin' good in the neighborhood!
More to follow...
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Good luck 916. Hope all is well.
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looking good-I have a feeling theres gonna be ALOT of qview this we.
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good morning bishop looks like a winner. keep the pics coming! got a 8 lb. butt going myself this morning. have a great 4th!!PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Man this wind is not my friend right now, I lost about 80 degs between wind and trying too hard to maintain my temps, Im going to reset my fire and try again straight from the top.
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I had that problem last weekend keeping my temp up, It rained and wind was blowing.

Good Luck today!
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Bishop, can't tell what kind of smoker you have, but if you have a chimney, what I did was take the cap off and put a piece of dryer vent on it and bend and it away from the wind. On windy days it would blow right down the stack and out the fire box. this took care of that problem.
1st pic is the extented stack.
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looking good, Hope all is going well so far.
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Keep the smoke and beers rolling! You'll be asleep by 6 tonight! Looks and sounds like a great party.
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Yeah the view had been halted, I was in a real panic re; temp loss... it seems that the RO lump was not giving me the kind of love i had expected. Resetting with lump left me @ 190ish, (again) - I reset at the transition to the ribs, this time with Kingsford, temps are in the upper 220's - so yeah i dunno lol

Pics soon...
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Here is of the grill as is right noe, ribs + brisket foiled on top:

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...and it is all good!

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It all looks good, nice smoke ring on the brisket.
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Great job. Food looks fantastic.
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