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Hey all we had some bad thunderstorms yesterday and wouldn't you know it I was smoking a couple fatties at the time it hit. Other than a serious temp. drop everything was fine or so I thought until I opened the door. The bottom of the door is bent to form a channel for strength on the metal, well it was full of rain water.

So I drilled four 3/8in holes in the bottom of the door on the inside and now it will not hole rain or spilled water pan contents.
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That sounds like a good mod, Steve. I hope your smoke turned out alright. I just picked up a GOSM today and am seasoning it right now. I'll have to implement your idea soon!
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Nice! That's a great way to avoid having grease collect in the bottom of the door... thanks!! biggrin.gif
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As soon as I finish here I am chucking in a bit and will do the same!

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Nice mod, I may try that myself.
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