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First Canadian bacon

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I just finished my first Canadian bacon , turned out too salty I used Mortons Tender Quick and mostly followed Cowgirls recipe .It was in brine for 5 days took out and rinsed and soaked in cold water two times 1/2 hour each. I had four small loins about 1 3/4" - 2" thick and about 12" long , now was it in brine too long ,was the brine too strong for the amount of meat i had , if I had fried a piece and noticed it was too salty would rinsing and soaking in cold water more times helped . Someone at work told me that a raw peeled potato in the cold water soak would absorb some salt ( any one heard of this)..

Any input or suggestions are appreciated

It tastes good just need a beer in other hand

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It sounds like you might have used the smaller tenderloin instead of a back loin. The brine would have been too strong for a peace of meat that small.
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I usually soak it for a couple of hours changing the water a few times and never had an issue. I also dry cure mine and use 1 tablespoon of Tenderquick per lb of meat.
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Thats what I kinda figured , cant be that bad not much left . It is Canada day here Bacon in one hand bacon in the other

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You are better off with a dry cure IMO, Kam. Then it's 1 Tbsp/Lb of meat. Much more controlled curing agent/salt contents that way. TQ is an excellent product, just follow guidelines and it'll work out.

and yes...raw potato slices really help alot... When I make potato soup...MAN the salt I gotta add scary LOL!
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I used cowgirl's CB brine for my first (and only) CB, slightly altered. I did teh slic/fry test and found it a bit salty, but it was also off a whole loin. I did a 3 hour soak before smoking, changing the water every three hours, came out great!
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