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First Brisket W/QVIEW!

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Ok, so last Sat I got my first packer, nearly 14 #'s of sweet beef! Seasoned it up w/ Salt/pepper chili powder/onion powder, etc...
Here is the 'before"
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And here is the "After" It was very good, ends were just the tiniest bit dry/chewy even with mopping, but the family thought it was a great first first effort. And I have been killing the co-workers with leftoversicon_surprised.gif
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Almost forgot!

Big thanks to the folks in the chat room who talked me through a late night/early morning rain shower! Piney etc you guys were great!
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Didn't separate point from flat? Burnt ends are to die for!!!!
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Didn't eat breakfest this morning and that looks soooooo goooood
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I gotta say it came out a lot better than I expected, and i didnt seperate the point from the flat, had sme pretty tasty bark too. Just need to work on my timing, getting to old to pull all-nighters!
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Hear you there!!! I'm afraid I'll passout halfway through and wake up w/ just charcoal on the cooking grate.eek.gif
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Wow! Hope my first brisket turns out half as nice... looks great! biggrin.gif
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That meat looks nice and moist.mmm
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Looks great glad you weathered the rain and stuck it out the result definitely look like it was worth it. Congrats on a fine smoke!!
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I noticed in the "before" pictures, there is, what appears to be drippings, as if you had "parboiled" or pre cooked the brisket a bit? You also said it was kinda "chewy". The final product looks great, I was only wandering if there was a "hidden step" that you didn't mention. I have never tried to "precook" any of my briskets and was also thinking that may be the reason it was "chewy" was because it was "semi-precooked".

Don't get me wrong, the final product looks YUMMY! I'm only curious.
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Yo, Vegans..

Nope, did not par-boil, I had rinsed the brisket prior to rubbing and that may be some of the residual water that you are seeing. The every end was just a tiny bit chewy, the rest was actually mois.
Spousal unit just told me again how much she liked it, I think the left over's may become a batch of Dutch's enchilada's.
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The ends are the best part! Mmmmm burnt ends! I call them the "cook's treat" because when you slice it up, you get to have those as "test pieces". Leftover idea sounds good too!
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Very nice smoke! Meat looks great! Love the burnt ends too!!!!
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Great job on the brisket. I'm going to do my first this weekend and hope it turns out that good. Congrats!!
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Nice job hacksaw, looks wonderful. Them guys in chat are pretty smart..............if ya can sort through all the BS! Especially that RichTee and Texas Hunter guy!biggrin.gif
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I gotta 'fess up, if it hadn't been for this website and the guys in chat, I would have fubar'd this thing. As it was I was being overly optimistic on the time I allowed. Anyone planning their first brisket smoke should be required to read the stickies first!

And check out the chat room! There sure are a lot of insomniacs on this board!
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Could someone please tell me what brisket "leftovers" are?
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I'd like to know too...
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Excellent job hacksaw!
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