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how about love and harmony? this place is about sharing the love of the smoking hobby. let's put petty difference aside and lighten up. this is for fun and good times. let's not turn this into a legislative meeting. we should crank up some smoke and FUN....the mods have a job as it is. why make them work harder? let's keep the fun and sharing pivotal to the forum.. lots of good people with a lot of knowledge here...i have learned much here but want to avoid the distractions and squabbles... peace and be good to each other..........
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Anytime you get humans involved in anything there will be problems....some big, some small.
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Touche' Fred!
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Well, like I have said to a few people via PMs.........can't speak for everyone, but I am just joking around and thought that most of the others were also..........regarding threads about becoming mods, etc.
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