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busted up pallets werks great, from what i have read up on. Mine just had motor oil in it, so will burn out great........

tho mine don't have ANY holes in it.........its a open top barrel, so no need for openings
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Lots of good info and links here on building an Ugly Drum Smoker. This topic has been given "Sticky" status.
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I found that Big Lots has Weber style kettle grills that are 22.5" in Dia. for $35, the quality is not the same as Weber, but then again, this is a UDS.

For the $35 you get a domed lid that fits the 55 gallon drums with an adjustable vent and handle, the top grill with little handles (same design as Weber), a smaller bottom grill (that could be used as part of your wodd chip basket), and a bunch of other bits and pieces that could be used.

I priced the Weber replacement grill and it was almost $20, so for 15 buck more you get a domed lid that will let you put a bigger hunk of animal flesh on your grill, and is shaped so that condensation slides down the sides of the inside of the dome instead of pooling under the top of a flat lid, and dripping in the center of your grill area.

One more thing. If you keep the bottom part, you can toss it on top your UDS and use it as a stable base to grill.

Too much info from a newbie...
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Very good idea!!
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Goto yer local newspaper, they have drums that their water based ink comes in. All ya gotta do is wash em out. Can get em fer free here, nice drums with lids an bands. Makes the alley perty colors when ya clean em too!
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anyone know where a d88de can get a 22 inch grate.......my drum is only 22 1/4 inch dia., so the webber won't werk.

and yes, i googled it.......cool.gif
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... but did you use the search feature before asking???? cool.gif

Have you measured the ones at Wally's? I think they may be a little smaller.
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how do you use the search feature to find a 22 inch grate here?confused.gif

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That's a tuff one Dude. If you can't find one, I think your best best is a square sheet of expanded metal from most hardware stores. My local Weslakes carries a square (slightly larger than 2' sq....not sure of the dimensions.). It's thin, but stainless and you can cutt a circle with end cutters.
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yeah josh, but my thinking on that...........will it be strong enuff to hold up 20 lbs of meat? without collasping it..........?
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Yea, good call. It probably won't. I use the stuff on top of my UDS for grilling. I have had it loaded down with quite a few steaks, but certainly not a Butt.

I still think you are going to have to fab something unless you can find an off brand grill grate replacement that is smaller than the weber. I'll take my tape measure to Weslakes next week as they have some off brands. Also, I think Wally world has some off brands as well.

Good luck dude.
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thankx josh.........i am going to take my tape measure to Home dePOT tomorrow and also check.........maybe even Wallyworld.........
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Dude...Weber grates are actually 21 1/2".
You have a standard size barrel.
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kewl........thankx steve...........i was going to pm you anyway, once i get done with 86 pages of UDS info at the breathren.........*sigh*........heheh
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Good reading huh......PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
Luckily it was like only 23 pages when i built my first.....PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

There is a much shorter thread if you'd like a link to it.
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i meant yeah........i would like that link..........LOL
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I see your already over there...search If a Redneck wanted to build a drum.
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ahhhh..........i shouldn't be listed there.........not online anyway........but yeah........seen that link.........thankx
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I burned out (I think) my drum over the weekend, I loaded it up with orange tree and pallet wood, and it burned way out the top for about 3.5 hours, and was still smoldering 18 hours later. The paint was almost all gone, flaking off with the rub of a brass wire brush...

I think I have a problem... The drum used to contain food grade kosher Glycerin from an ice cream factory... it looked like there might have been some kind of coating on the inside, kinda beige... During the burning out, nothing on the inside looked like it was melting or flaking off, and even the bottom right above the ventilation holes I drilled, the metal glowed red hot, after the burning, the inside in those areas looks the same as everywhere else...

The barrel only smelled like burning chemicals for about 10 minutes into the burn, then it smelled like campfire... Could the coating on the inside been as simple as wax? Or could the coating be tough enough to handle 1200 degrees of glowing red hot steel?
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