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Brings a tear te me eye it does!icon_cry.gif
The lad did a fine job of it too!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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You're too kind.

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach. Those who can't teach, write. Those who can't write, edit. Those who can't edit, make photo tutorials based on other people's foundational work. (Says the education major turned book editor turned minister/smoking guru wannabe.)

No, no, no... YOU da man, Capt Dan.
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ARRRGH! Thanks maytee! I'd take a bow, but me parrot would fall to thee deck, and me hook gets stuck in me knee everytime!

You took the bull by the horns Buckster, what I wanted to do, but hadn't made time for, you went ahead and did. and ya did real good with it. I would add one thing, and not to change, detract or highjack your thread. but when you finally are gonna slide the fatty onto the plastic wrap, IF YOU WANT BACON on the outside, just lay it out ahead of time on the plastic, and rool the fatty over it. When ya cinch down the plastic by the ends, and twist er up, the bacon will cinch up tight too. The more yas twirl, the fatter it gets(and shorter). The pressure from the artificial casing(saran wrap) helps seal the seam nicely too. The bacon helps to keep the whole thing from splitting open. The 10-15 minute chill, helps to firm it up for the "transfer" to the grate.

I stated that for the simplification factor, and to help the newer folks who have never experienced smokin da fatty!icon_wink.gif
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Thanks bw, I gotta be honest... I read the capts description about this the other day and was unsure if I was following it right... thanks to you photo tutorial... I know for certain... gonnna give it a try soon. thanks Capt and bw PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Buck, you're a freakin' RIOT!!! Every one of your posts keeps me laughing!
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Buck Wheezer
Good tutorial post.
My Vote - Make this thread stick
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Missed this. Great thread. STICKY-STICKEY!!
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I agree, this would make a great sticky, you did a beautiful job!!

Get it on video and put yourself on youtube, you will be famous!!
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Thank you again for the post. I used your post to try to help me out with rolling my first fatty last night. Going on the grill now. I will post with Q-View later.
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thanks for the direction I have made one already but it did not turn out that good.
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Hang in there guys! It takes a little technique, and that takes practice! Don't let a less than perfect first effort turn you off of these tasty treats!
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if it was the same title of the thread, he'd get a lot of hits.....even though it would probably be for the wrong reason icon_lol.gif
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Need help rolling a Fatty? No not Santa Claus.

This might be of some help to those visiting Fattyville for the first time.

If you've got them... roll them.
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dear smoking gods,
please make this a sticky as i
will be attempting my first fatty
this weekend, and i really, really,
really,really would like to have this
where i can easily find it.

thank you,

love carnuba
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Great tutorail...............Should help alot of members out...........Myself included........
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awesome post! Going to have to try this tomorrow!

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Thanks for the pics.  I was using wax paper, but it can sometime dampen and stick to the paper.  I like the idea of plastic wrap.

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Awesome! Sticky for sure!
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Wow.  I had no idea what a fatty was!  How long did you smoke that one?

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Great post.

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