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Underground pit cooking

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While camping last week I did an underground pit meal.....it's just about the same way that I do whole hogs, but on a smaller scale.
Everything turned out pretty tasty.

I made chicken, a pot of hoppin john, corn, tatoes and jalapeno cornbread.

First I seasoned everything and wrapped it....

Dug the hole and burned down some wood to make the hot coals....

Moved the hot coals to the center and built the ends up to hold an oven rack...

Set the seasoned/wrapped food on the oven rack...I put the cornbread pan on top of the hoppin john pan....

I didn't have a sheet of metal to cover the hole so I used a second oven rack covered with foil....

I carefully sealed the edges with dirt by hand to keep the heat in....

Then buried the whole thing with dirt and went off to enjoy a cold beverage....

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Great job cowgirl,I just left you a comment on your blog on this.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Four hours later....( I did a little fishing in that time)..I uncovered the meal.
Had to use the flashlight, sorry the pics aren't very good!

The chicken was tender and moist....

The tatoes were nice and tender, I liked the added bacon and onion....

The hoppin john was great!

The corn was sweet and tender....

The cornbread looked questionable, but tasted great....

Over all, the meal turned out great....and I was able to relax and do some fishing in the time that it took for the meal to cook.

I did do a lot of meals over the fire, this was just one option I wanted to do so I could have a day off from tending the fire.biggrin.gif
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Thanks Ken and Craig!
I think it took me longer to post these pictures than it did to dig that pit!! lol
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It looks great hope you caught some fish too.
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cowgirl ,
r u married if not can i put my bid in
who cannot love a woman that luvs to go camping , fishing , smoking , all the great stuff that men like to do...nice job..its been awhile that i did some pit cooking might have to try in my backyard soon.....
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dang!!! now that gal is a serious cook!!! that all looks real good,super job on them vittels,and you got way more energy than me..lol
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Piney, I didn't catch any monsters, but didn't get skunked either....caught several of these. Had a great time...biggrin.gif

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looks great patty!!! glad u got to do some fishin!!!!
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Mike....one of these days I'm gonna accept one of y'alls offers....THEN you'll be sorry..LOL!

Thank you for the compliment...I appreciate it.cool.gif
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Every time you post I fall in love all over again... Food truely is the way PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif

Very nice food and looks like ya got some decent fish PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks DADDIO! I really did have a harder time posting these pictures than doing any of the pit cooking....lol I'm an outdoors girl, not a computer wiz....biggrin.gif
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Thanks erain!! It was a lot of fun!
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LOL...talk about falling in love, your smoked bloody marys, brunch and brisket won my heart!

Luv ya Vlap!wink.gifbiggrin.gif
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You know... 1255 miles isn't so far biggrin.gif Just 2 and a half Nascar races
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Yea...and if I drive as fast as they do, I could be at your front door in no time...biggrin.gif
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HA!! Should I rent a kayak for this weekend?
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Heck yea! lol I wish!!
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Yep looks like ya caught fish too PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Patty, what an incredible spread. If I tried that we'd be eatin dirty rice as I'm sure I'd screw it up and have dirt in everything.

Hoppin John! You really know how to get to a guy! Got us all worked up.
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