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Need a vent?

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Ok, if you didn't read my Roll Call thread (http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...ad.php?t=17934), I have my father's smoker, which was a charcoal smoker that he converted into an electric smoker. I've got the rust all cleaned out of the inside of it, and plugged it in this afternoon to see what kind of temps I get from it. As I was getting it set up and going to put the thermometer in it, I noticed that it doesn't have a vent of any kind. Should I put one in the lid? I found a kit on ebay for like 17 bucks.

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Top is loose enough to vent the smoke. wink.gif
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I agree. Those ECBs don't really need a top vent because they aren't sealed all too well anyway.

Don't get me wrong, they're a good little smoker (I got one and lots of folks around here cut their teeth on one of those).
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what TN said............i am one of those that cut my teeth on the ecb's

i now use the gourmet...........and i will till the day i die, even tho i have a sfb horz. type smoker..........for small smokes, you can't beat em, after a few mods.........
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What kind of mods do you have done?

And thanks for the responses!

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Hey, for your problem with having formatted, look into a program called Active File Recovery. I haven't used it myself, but someone I worked with was able to recover his entire library of pictures and mp3 files on a hard drive he formatted by mistake.
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