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Critiques and Critisms please

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Cabela's Stainless Vertical Propane Smoker

I am looking to upgrade from a generic version of the ECB that I got at Kmart to a cabinet smoker with propane. The Smokey Mountain Big Block sounds a lot like what I want but I can't locate one. I called Bass Pro Shop and they have one in stock that is similar to it.

Do any of you guys have experience with this one from Cabela's? From the reviews I read most were very positive and most of the negative ones seemed to be from damage in shipping.

Is there a similar cabinet smoker anyone would recommend? Any input is greatly appreciated

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When we discovered that the Big Block was probably a "has been" after the bankruptcy was announced, this was the advice I got on a comparable upright propane smoker. The Camp Chef Smoke Vault.
Hope it helps,

Originally Posted by oillogger
I suggest looking at this website if you want to purchase a Smoke Vault 24".




$299 + $45 for shipping. It is still not as much bang for the bucks as a Big Block but a slightly better made smoker for a little less bang for the bucks.
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As a newbie I was unaware of the bankruptcy.
I was VERY nervous about the reports of HORRIBLE customer service.
Also I was curious about the lack of availability.

Now I know.

As for Camp Chef.
In another thread I reported a problem about a Camp Chef MVP Sport Grill I ordered.

Had a problem w shipping.

The Shipping Agent beat the tar outta the box and dented my grill and said it wasn't their fault.

Uh huh.

At any rate, Camp Chef took care of it for me.

GREAT PEOPLE and I love the other Camp Chef products I have such as some Cast Iron pieces, Grillin gloves, Utensils etc.

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Ta be honest with ya, they are all pretty similar, some differences yes, the point bein, a gasser has a burner in it, a knob ta control it an a box ta hold it all in.

Looked at smoke vaults, own a GOSM (still excellent unit ifin ya can find one), looked at cabela's ss units an one made by bayou classic. Again all are similar, pick out the features yall like from the various units, find the one that has those features an at a price yall can afford an run with it!

SS is nice ifin it's gonna set outside alot plus they be perty! Smokey Hollow units I looked at were so very similar ta the GOSM. I like em all an would be happy with any of them. Just remember, it looks like alota room now, but yall will run outa space in a hurry when ya get hooked real good!
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One I saw yesterday that looked very nice was a Smoke Vault I saw it at Gander Mountain and it was on sale for $249. If wife wasn't with me I probally woulda brought one home biggrin.gif . I haven't read anything about them but it sure looked nice. Just throwing this out there get what you like and are comfortable with
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love my gosm

I read from this site about a smokey hollow. Can't remember the maker but it's a cabnet smoker and looks similar to the GOSM.

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