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Todays Smoke Brined Chicken

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Took a Yard Bird out of the freezer the other day.. Tossed in the brine today at 8:30. Brine is 1 Cup Kosher Salt and Sugar and the spices were a Smokey chipotle mix I had laying around. I'll be putting on around 3pm.

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Looking good so far! I did a brine for the first time this past weekend... Still need to get pics up from it. Sure made that bird extra tasty! Keep us posted.
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Waiting to see those pixs and an invitation for dinner lol.
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Looks good so far, Seaham. Nice size bird, you plan on standing that up on a beer can for the smoker?

You'll enjoy the brined bird. I've just done a couple and won't ever smoke birds again unless they're brined.

Good luck, can't wait for more tasty pics!
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Smoked it on the grate no beer can.. I like the juices to pool up inside the bird and not drain out. This way works well for me.
I was busy working outside while smoking so i got no on the smoker shots.
I only put smoke to it for around 1 hour, then I just cooked with no smoke till is was done.. The temp was 280-300 most of the smoke and the skin was ok, not real crisp like in the oven.
Pulled a little late for me, it hit 171, I was busy, I have been pulling at 165 and cover with foil for 20 min..
Came out real good.. Not much smoke flavor and had a nice taste to it the wife likes it like that..

hard to see in the pic... there is a ton of juice in this puppy after the brine..

Tomorrow she wants ribs cooked with NO Smoke on the grillPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
I told her ok no smoke but I'm still using the smoker, No gas grill for my ribs.
So being the good husband I am I'll do this ONCE this summer for her :)
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Good job, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks great nice job
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Way to go!!!!

Have you tried a milder wood for your wife? Apple.....
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bird looks great !!!!! and i second the fruitwood for smoking poultry you still get that great smoky flavor just not full bore like the hardwoods give off, she { the wife } might enjoy that more ?
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Ahhhh, nice loooking bird there.
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i have yet to brine poultry ...but that looks really good and juicy might have to take a yard bird and do that this weekend..great job
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You need to try a brined bird.. You will never smoke another kind again.
I could not believe what a difference brining made, I have done a bunch brined and loved them all. Still trying different spices in them. I did find that a 24hr brine on a yard bird is a pit much for the wife and me, too salty.. Today 6hr brine was great..

thanks for the kind words folks..
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bird looks good, esp cutaway shot. for real crispy skin and moist meat rub chicken with favorite rub and do the beer can thing. for smoked chicken i like to use a brine. this my favorite brine for chicken or turkey,

3 qts good water cold
2 cups bron sugar
1 1/2 cups kosher salt
3 cloves crushed garlic
2 tea whole peppercorns
4 bay leaves

mix til salt and sugar dissolved. for turkey i make a double batch to make sure bird submerged and i brine for 18-24 hrs for a 12 lb bird. if doing a chicken 12 hrs or so depending on personal taste. when done brining wash outside of bird thouroughly to remove sugar from skin which will burn. while smoking later on in process if bird not dark enough spritz with apple or other fruit juice and it will aid in coloring the bird as the natural sugars carmelize.
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