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New to the Site!

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i'd like to start off by saying thanks for the great site! i came across the site by accident while trying to find some techniques for smoking my first pork butt for a bbq on the 14th. after reading over a few posts, i decided to sign right up! i've smoked my fair share of ribs on my grill, but recently decided to try my hand on a true smoker. my great outdoors wide body smokey mountain gas smoker will be here tomorrow and can't come soon enough! any tips, hints or pointers anyone may have would be appreciated. after all, i'm here to learn from the best!biggrin.gif
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thanks for stopping by hope you stick around
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Welcome to SMF. Try signing up for Jeff's 5 Day ecourse lots of good info and its free. Look under "Pork" find a thread "Basic Pulled Pork" by Meowey and follow it and the butt will turn out great. Try some of the finishing sauce in a different thread right there too it really takes it to a new level. If ya need help just ask lots of folks willing to help around here.
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Welcome, with that attitude you will be fine. Good luck!!
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what part of new mexico are you from? i was stationed at holloman afb in alamogordo, and cannon afb in clovis. i can't wait to start! the smoker got delivered today, so as soon as i get off work, i'm going to season it and hopefully give it a test run this weekend before the "main event".
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Welcome to the SMF!! Nothing like appealing to our egos!!
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Welcome and glad to have you!

For information on mods for your unit, check the "Smoking Supplies and Equipment" forums. Lots of help for yaPDT_Armataz_01_18.gif
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First... Welcome to the SMF!!! Second as Piney said earlier the 5 day ecourse is full of good info, its free!! and it only takes a few minutes a day... be sure to season the new smoker before ya get her underway!!
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Welcome to SMF! Don't be afraid to ask questions. The friendly folk here will make answers.

Take care, have fun, and do good!


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thanks for the response guys! i got my smoker today, assembled it and just finished up seasoning it with great success!!! had the tank turned on about half way, and got tbs within 12 mins, and maintained a constant 250 with the gas set on low. i used the stock set up while during the session, but may expirement with a cast iron smoke box to see if i can get some longevity out of my hickory chunks.

on a side note, the box came a little beat up from ups icon_sad.gif i have a small dent in the upper corner, and one piece of the rack inside broke off. luckily it was the upper piece of the middle shelf, so my tray doesn't sit uneven. i'll be headed over to the propane smokers forum to post some pics that i took today and get a thread started since i've been bitten by the smoke bug and anticipate smoking something real soon!!!
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Welcome to the SMF. You are rolling with your new rig. Cool. Lots of great info and folks here as you already know. Enjoy. Jeff's rub recipe (a few $) is a good start if no one has already mentioned it. (I saw the 5 day e-course recommended too)
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I am in central Ohio, just bought a char-grill pro last week I haven't even seasoned the grill. I have a very good knowledge in cooking and have done some smoking and BBQ in the past, not with charcoal. Not quite a senior yet close and I have grandkids (2). My wife does not cook very often and then it is chilli or Veggie soup, so I cook several times a week. I took cooking classes once a month for three years and the food network and I are close friends. Found this sight from Ohio Game Fishing where I lurk most days.
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i hope you like your new gosm as much as i have enjoyedd mine. welcome to forum and share some smokes with qview!!!
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Don't forget to do a FATTY or two.......Only then will you know!
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what city in oh? i'm down near dayton (stationed at wright-patterson afb), and even though i grew up not liking oh (i'm a pa boy born and raised) i gotta admit that its a pretty nice state. still can't stand the buckeyes though.........GO LIONS!! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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just read how to do a fatty, so now i'm def. going to have to do one!
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I had no idea, until I cut open the sausage packaging. "It is pretty much a blank canvas" when rolled out!

MARK TWAIN: Circa 1894
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oh and how i love to be an artist! its great to be creative when cooking......and even better when it turns out to be good!
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Welcome to the forum. Its the place to be.
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