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Looking to buy a gasser

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Okay folks, I need ya'lls first hand knowledge on buying a new propane smoker (see reason here). Keep in mind that I smoke just about every other weekend and I want decent quality. I live in the southern states, so the temp doesn't get that low but very humid so rust is a bit of a concern for me. I see that GOSM is a popular brand among some of you. I would guess this is because these smokers are sold in most stores and probably because they are okay quality. Here is a list of ones I'm considering.

One thing I want to do at some point is try to convert it to natural gas. My back porch is stubbed out for it and I would like to take advantage of it. If you have exp in this, please let me know your thoughts.

The Great Outdoors Deluxe Gas Smoker

The Great Outdoors Gas Smoker

Cabela's Stainless Vertical Propane Smoker

Camp Chef 24" Smoke Vault with S.S. Door

King Kooker 36" Low Pressure Cabinet Smoker

Thanks in advance for your time and knowledge.
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I have the GOSM wide body because it was my 1st smoker and i like it that being said stainless would be hard to beat in the south
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I have the GOSM big block and I also have no regrets.
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I'm kind of in the same boat but I'm still toying with buying an electric smoker too like those Masterbuilt smokers you can get at harware stores or Walmart or Sams that look like little refrigerators. One thing I want is one wide enough to fit a proper rack of ribs. I hate that about my bullet smoker and noticed the other day while looking at a Great Outdoors Gas Smoker that it's not very wide inside either.
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I have 2 GOSMs, a big block and regular. For the price you can't beat em in my opinion. Good luck with your decision. I am sure there will be more members chiming in on the other smokers soon.
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If you smoke every weekend, build yourself a drum!
Save the money on the propane!! biggrin.gif
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Fortsmithian - the Big Block will be wide enough for ya then. It's 24 inches and the whole front opens up. And for the money, I would say the most bang for the buck... And if you've not dropped by Roll Call yet, be sure to do so and introduce yourself...
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X 2 For the $$$$ I'm real happybiggrin.gif
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Cabela's Master Spring catalog has the SS on sale for both sizes.

36" - $199 (reg $249)
48" - $249 (reg $299)
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Love my GOSM Deluxeicon_smile.gif. I got allot of help with mods on my unit on this site. The GOSM is a very popular in SMF.

Good luck and get smokin!
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First, thanks everyone who has posted this far.

Which GOSM is considered the big block? And what is the difference in the other model? And for those of you who have done mods, what do you think the most critical mod to do? From what I have read, it seems like throwing out the chip pan for a cast iron skillet is the best thing to do.

Does anyone own this model? I read on the reviews of it that it does not have side dampers.
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Big Block is the 3605BGD - 24 inches wide.
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i dont have a big block but i wish that i did
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I have a Smoke Hollow # 5

When looking to buy a gas smoker I to looked to get a GOSM but couldn't find one in stock. I went with the smoke hollow #5 which works, and looks like a GOSM. I saw the floor models for both brands and felt like the Smoke Hollow was more sturdy. Mine works very well and maintains temp to a T.

I also have read on the forum that GOSM's parent company has gone bankrupt and that creates some problems. Others w/ more knowledge on this can elaborate.
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Replacing the POC door therm is another must. The big block has two vents on the bottom and the exhaust one on top. I find that the two bottom vents gives me a little more control in regulating heat.
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I love mine. Good luck with your choice.
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dont get the one from wal mart, its not a big block , its a little smaller. you can find the big block at bass pro shops or amazon

if you have a bass pro shops localy go to store and pick it up if not the shipping is kinda high.... i think Amazon has free shipping
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