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Thanks Rich,

I went and dropped my pan down lower. I see that Rich has his can down on bottom of his smoker! When other's talked about the coffee can I thought they were telling me to put it on the rack that came with the smoker. I did not see how that was going to work as the height was the same... You put the can on top of the burner?

I've done the same idea only I've used brick to drop the height down so the pan is lower. Look at the pixs. It worked! I think I need a better pan for the chips though. One that will last!!

Thanks for all the help to everyone!
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I picked up my Big Block last week and it has two vents down low on the sides and one on top. Also, the igniter is a push button and not a dial as I have noticed in some pictures.
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jtribout Glad you got her smokin PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I use the original chip pan and bought another that is very much like it and just change them out on a long smoke. Are you sure your not getting smoke with it the way it was remember you don't need or want alot of smoke pretty much if you can smell it your getting enough. Often I can't see smoke coming out of the vent but I can smell it and when I open the door to spritz it hits me in the face.
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No, if you look at my post with the pixs of the wood chips after 4 hours you see I had a problem.

By lowering the smoke pan that seemed to do the trick.

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I saw that and it didn't look good biggrin.gif I was just talking in general about the GOSM's and the boxes they come with. It seems alot of us newbies want to see smoke boiling out of the top then complain about the smokey or creosote taste. I'm glad you figured yours out each smoker seems to be a little different and tempermental in its own way.
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Glad you got things rolling along! I got the W-M $98 GOSM and love it. I still use the original wood box and have had not problem getting TBS in a decent time frame.

I've had my GOSM for about a year now and all the stuff I've learned. It;s all been good! And the food resulting from it too. :)
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Ok, I admit I didn't make things very clear. The grate I was talking about is called a Wood Box Stand as per GOSM Big Block manual, see pic on far left. Usually it sits within rack supports. i don't use the rack supports, thus dropping the Wood box Stand lower as it sits on the grease pan, the coffee can sits on the wood box stand,see middle pic. I use a rack support from a smaller GOSM to hold the water pan with enough room so I didn't have to cut the top of the coffee can, see pic on right. Please excuse the dirty smoker, I just completed a salmon smoke. Good God, I think I may have done it right this time!
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Pleeeeze Rich............ I would have never figured things out if you did not help! I just had to reread your post 284 times LOL. The pixs are great, thanks for your help. This may help other newbies!

Smokin in Ohio
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You might want to try a cast iron smoker box or pan.
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Go to a pet store and look for a stainless steel dog bowl, I found one that is 12" round but only about 2" deep. Next take out the original firebox rack and replace it with a piece of flat grill. I then use HD Al. foil about 8" long, double up on it and position it over the middle of the dog bowl, fill it with wood ( I use a band saw and cut up my wood into small 1-2 inch pieces) now fold over both sides nice and tight. Then take it out of the pan and flip it so that the seam is on the bottom, use a nail to poke holes, and you're done. At 225 that pan will last you for hours, I only use one pan for long smokes. If you keep the wood too high, heat gets concentrated on a small area only, lowering it will do the trick....good luckicon_smile.gif
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Thanks Hank,

Do you have a pix of your setup?
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My pleasure, you can also find these bowls at Wally World, they are galvinized and a lot cheaper, just season the pan before using it to burn off any chemicals. Also if you plan on smoking alot, go to BJ's and get an industrial roll of Heavy Duty Al Foil, you will use it up.

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Ever have any grease fires in there?
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I have the same unit, I keep the top vent opened about half to start. Add 4-6 chunks of wood but leave the top off of the box. You should get in 15-20 min at 225 temp.
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Grease??? That's just a seasoned smoker that's used every week.......

Actually it's getting a bath next week, maybe even getting a big brother, Fathers Day is coming, and this Dad just may get one, thought about getting myself a new tie, but the kids may do thatPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Question for Richoso and Hank. Do you put holes in the bottom of the coffee can or dog bowl??
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No holes for me, only in the foil to let the smoke out, about a dozen for a 12" bowl.
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I was just kiddin ya anyway Hank. Wish I could do that much smokin.
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Thanks Hank!

Hey when you go to clean that puppy, start a new post and take some pixs! I want to see what I'll be up against when it's my turn.PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif

I picked up that dog bowl today. Great tip.
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