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When it rains it poors

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I mean that figuratively and literally. Today I planned to do my first meatloaf on my smoker. I got it all mixed up, got some ABTs ready and I was also going to smoke some corn on the cob. I went outside to my electric smoker, turn it on, set the time and temp. When it had climbed up to 200, I decided to put the loaf on. About that time my nice sunny day started to get dark and windy. Here comes the rain. I went back in side and about an hour I decided to go back outside to check on the smoker. I look at the temp and what do I see…. 97 degrees!!!! WTF! Needless to say, this is not good. So I fiddle with it for a few minutes. The little light says it is heating, but I’ll be darn if it is because I can put my hand on the element. Now what?icon_evil.gif

Well, I transfer the loaf over to my grill. So, it is there and the ABTs are going there as well and the corn eventually. I hope it turns out okay. Just wasn’t my day to do some smoking I guess! Looks like I now have an excuse for that new smoker I have had my eye on!
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Sorry to hear about your luck, Lee. My heart goes out to ya! icon_sad.gif

At least you're not giving up hope and putting the stuff on a grill to get that "non-oven-cooked" taste. What better time to have smoker failure than right at the beginning of a beautiful summer of smoking! Great timing! PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Nice save, put it on the grill away from the heat, heck, even put in a foil pouch with some woodchips! It's all good! wink.gif
Electric smokers and rain don't work to good!
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Well, things are going well. Here is what stuff looks like as I put the corn on. Those ABTs are just about ready. I need a beer and an ABT!!
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Bummer! Course yall know fathers day is a comin quick, what else would dad wan't fer that special day besides a new smoker!
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Actually, Dad asked for a electric slicer for F-Day. But a new smoker would work just fine.

Here is the pic of the final product. Not bad for doing all of this on the grill. I suppose the grill was happy it got the lime light today rather than the smoker! (note, more than half the ABTs are gone. Wonder why?)
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Yes, weather in arkansas wasn't pretty today ... but same story last Saturday, too. I moved my two smokers to the garage, and left door open. Worked fine.
Where there's a will, there's a way. I about have the wife talked into a covered patio area.
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Perseverance is the key. Good save man. Nice meal you have there.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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