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GOSM door mods

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Has anyone had to put anything around the door of their GOSM. I just noticed that is kicking out a little bit of smoke around the door.
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I think some have put some kinda gasket material around the door but I haven't bothered with it. No problem keeping the heat up to temp and steady.
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Yea, no problem with the temps, just wanted to keep the smoke inside as much as possible. By the way, where is Hell, Michigan?
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If you draw a line from Ann Arbor to Lansing on a map Hell is about 1/2 way in between.
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Lil smoke leaking is O.K. wink.gif
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Mine leaks too. How often do you need to refill the chips? I've been putting chips into the cast iron container but they are buring up in about an hours time at a 225* smoker, is that normal.
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My big block leaks a little, but is not reflected in the temps, so I 've let it be.
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A little leaking smoke around the door of my GOSM Big Block adds a little character to the smoker. Almost every type of smoker will leak a little smoke from different places.
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Use that cast iron box fer an ashtray. Get yerself a 9x9 cake pan, put yer chips and chunks in there, cover with aluminum foil, poke bout 5 er 6 holes in there, that prevents the flare ups, after your smoke dies down ta near nothin, pull the foil, shake the pan a bit an yall ready ta get more smoke outa them chips an chunks. Better then the original.
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Yeah mine does to. Just like everyone else stated no harm no foul. At one time I thought about useing a ratchet tie down. But thought why since it's not affecting anything biggrin.gif
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