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N00b Smoking

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[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']Hi everyone,

After watching Alton Brown I decided to try my hand at smoking some Boston butts here is my set up.

ECB electric
Mesquite Chunks
Brine and rub via Alton
I am following Meowey Basic Pulled Pork Smoke Guide
SoFlaQuers finishing sauce

I covered the water basin with foil and poked some holes in it
But I have some questions about how long (time wise) will pork take to get to 100? They are about 4.5 to 5 pounds each.

And dose anybody have a NC sauce recipe they would like to share?
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First off, you should head over to ROll Call and introduce yourself to all the members. It is like a tradition here.
Welcome to the forum.
Cook times are only guesses when smoking. A ton of variables could be used. As a general rule of thumb 1.5 hrs per pound (but this is general). Why 100?
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Why do you care how long to 100°? You got a bet going with someone?

Make a Roll Call forum post and intro yourself, location, experience, equipment.

I want in on the bet. 2.5 hours.
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Just asking really,

Well I am 3 hours in, the meat is about 120 i have had one flare up but now smoking back down at 220 after pulled the chunks and foiled.
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Soo...did I win the bet?!?! ;{)
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Bet won

About the 2.0 mark they hit 100.

Check out role call i dropped a post there per request.
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Replied :{) Eh, I was close...especially without a grate temp you are cooking at <bow>.
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