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Afterburner Almost Here . . .

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As a continuation of my other thread (which probably should have been posted in the Propane section instead of the Charcoal section) PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif I am happy to report that my Afterburner H is "With Delivery Courier" and should be here today. I can't wait! My son has a school play tonight but maybe I'll get a chance to break it in this weekend.

Of course, it is technically a Fathers Day present so I'll have to see what wifey wants to do as far as having me unwrap something with the kids. Maybe she can wrap up a Maverick ET-73 and I can unwrap THAT on Fathers Day. I don't want to wait that long to use my "propane SnP"!!biggrin.gif

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Hope you get it today and get to break it in this weekend I'm making my smoking plans for the weekend now
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Dave, you're going to like the Afterburner!! I bought one and love it....word of advice though....don't leave it outside if it rains.
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Thanks for the tip . . . and the support! The charcoal guys acted like I was going to the "Dark Side".!! icon_sad.gif

I am looking forward to more consistent temps! biggrin.gif

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Dave don't pay any attention to them they ain't been to the Dark Side we like it here much easier biggrin.gif
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I put an Afterburner in my ECB and I love it. I did 20 lbs of Butt for my son's High School graduation party last weekend without a hitch. I left in the water pan and the pork was extremely moist. All-around good investment in my opinion.
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Smoking for dummies? I haven't even tried Charcoal yet and I'm loving this idea. ;)

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Nothin wrong with gas! It's a to each his own type a thin. I have had gas, electrics an charcoal. I like gas. Nice an consistant, gives me more oppotunities ta smoke when busy too. As long as yall enjoy yer smokin who cares what yer doin it with eh?
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Warning! -- Chore-View

You got that right!! Gas is AWESOME!! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Did a quick test run this morning and would have been ready to put the meat on 12 minutes from lighting instead of my usual 45 minutes to an hour of futzing around with the chimney etc, etc. May have been ready sooner but i was afraid to turn the burner up to high. (I know why they named it Afterburner. It really rumbles in there if you turn it up!)

Haven't had a chance to smoke this weekend. I have been too busy turning this

into this

and this

and this

and I still have these to go

Hopefully next weekend . . .

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I'm with Goose also. I got my afterburner about 3 weeks ago and have done 3 different smokes with it. I cant believe I didn't buy the afterburner sooner. I've been fretting with charcoal for years and I never got time to smoke meat as much as I liked cause of all the babysitting you have to do.

As for your other project. You can do both! I get the smoker going and throw on the meat. Start doing my stuff outside. Planted some trees this weekend while I had three racks of BB and a fatty. And just periodically checked on the smoker.

One thing I did different is dont get a Juice can like they say to use. I didnt think it held enough wood. I had a real small roaster pan that wasnt big enough for anything but a small ham. I used that instead and it works much better. Plus I have a lid for it that I can use if I have a flareup.

As for joining the Darkside.

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Anybody want to buy my Afterburner-H? Send me a PM if you are interested. I used it about 4 times in my Chargriller.
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That's a good idea! I may have to roll it around to the front of the house where I can keep a better eye on it and throw on some meat while I'm finishing up. Plan on getting up real early on Saturday to attack the bark project. Maybe throw a breakfast fatty on and work for awhile while it's cooking then stop and have some breakfast.

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