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GOSM/Digital Therm question

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My digital thermometer has a cable running from the probe to a sensor. How does everyone run the cable through the smoker? Just pinch it in the door or drill a hole in the side of the cabinet or what is done?
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I just thread mine through the top vent. Works fine for me.
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MoFo I run mine thru the top vent. I am going to put one in the side as soon as get a 1/2" UF water tight connector fitting. But right now I just lay a 2X4 piece on top of mine and put the transmiters on it, they dont get hot that way. Hope this helps out a little...
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Check out Travcoman45's thread ...I bought the same fitting, just have to install it...
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X 2

Run your probe down the back wall and insert in your meat so it doesn't hang up on other racks. Makes it easier to pull racks out. wink.gif
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Yep, but be careful not to pinch the wire too hard with the rack against the back of the smoker.
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I drilled a hole in the side between the top rack and the next one down but eventually will add the fitting Trav posted about
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I use one of the original holes that was in the door, It had some small metal piece riveted to the door. When i removed the nameplate with the built in POC therm, I ended up with some extra holes in the door. I made use of the hole for the original therm and replaced it with an after market unit.
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I use go thru the top vent.
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I go through the top vent, but am considering these feed-through hole rivet thingies:
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On my charcoal model, I used to run probe wires near the latch, but sometimes they got in the way. Later I found the gap on the hinge side of the door leaves just enough room for probe wires without getting pinched, and they're out of the way too.
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For my Silver Smoker I drilled a hole for all three digital cords...for the GOSM, they ran right through the vent.
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