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ECB Homemade Workstation/Cart

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I ran across this and found it a pretty cool idea.
Scroll down for the homemade ECB cart.

Cheap, easy and practical to me.
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looks good, tho wish it was for a ecb gourmet........then it would rock
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Whats the difference Dude??
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Don't know what the gourmet looks like but the cart set up should be able to be easily modified to fit your needs, don't you think?
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well, you have to be able to LIFT it up a bit to move the body away.......don't see how to do that, with this design
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read above/below, depending on how you view the threads........
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Steve, the gourmet model has the base, body and the lid. This allows you to use the base unit and the lid like a small grill.
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The Gourmet has a larger, vented charcoal box and it doesn't have legs like the ECB. Instead of legs, the cooking chamber rests on the base.

IMHO, those differences are worth the extra $12.
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Still a nice idea for someone with an ecb..............
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